Clayton Reinhart
Starting off on some sort of foot
Sun Jul 2, 2017 11:02

Clayton couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. The young boy had to take several deep breaths to calm his nerves as he stood outside in this massive hallway just outside the room he believed to be called the Finer Diner, if he remembered correctly from the tour. He wished his parents and brother could be here to see him start this journey, but they had all given him a hug for good luck before he was pulled here through the Portkey.

His hands grew sweaty as the doors opened in front of him, and as he entered the large hall he had to try his hardest not to scream when confetti exploded above his head. He tried to play it off as he brushed confetti remnants from his hair and shoulders and lined up with the other first year students. Clayton’s heart was still racing as he looked around the room and tried to take everything in, but his thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice booming over him, which he assumed was coming from the woman at the front of the room.

She was instructing him to look at the dreamcatcher that he held in his hands, and he watched in amazement as it began to change colors. His was red, and he looked around at the students closest to him and noticed that their dreamcatchers had also changed colors, some the same colors, others not. So, when the woman said that red meant he was in the Draco house he immediately shuffled off to what he assumed was the Draco fire, due to the fact the fire matched the color of the dreamcatcher he was holding.

Clayton took a seat next to some other students and tried his hardest to blend in and control his breathing as he was just now realizing that he was probably expected to be social. The brown-eyed boy stared into the fire in front of him trying to reason with himself that it would be over soon and that he everything was going to be fine. He especially had to reassure himself that he had done well during the prospective students day, and had even made good conversation with another student his age. “Now, I just have to build up the courage to talk to someone new here,” the eleven-year-old boy tried to convince himself that it wouldn’t be that hard.

The woman’s voice was still booming while he was lost in his thoughts, and he vaguely heard something about first years, and a quiz. Her words went in one ear and almost went out the other before he put everything together. As house elves started to appear around him with endless trays of food, his anxiety over having a quiz he already needed to study for outweighed his anxiety about talking to other people. He turned to the person next to him and frantically fired off, “Did I hear that right?! First years already have a quiz? What subject was that for? I wasn’t really listening.”

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    • Starting off on some sort of foot - Clayton Reinhart, Sun Jul 2 11:02
      • Let's skip the feet and shake hands. - Dhruv Bansal, (3rd year), Mon Jul 3 23:36
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        • Oh, phew! My saviour! - Anssi, Mon Jul 3 13:45
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          • What kind of apples are you looking for? - Remington, Tue Jul 4 22:40
            Oh. The other student had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to think about her own adventures in Muggle school. It was pretty inconsistent, really, but that was because she kept going... more
            • I don't know. That may be the problem. - Anssi, Sat Jul 22 00:02
              It was really nice that she had offered to sing it for him. Well, maybe offered was the wrong word, since she had just started singing. But he hadn’t asked her to, so maybe it was the right word?... more
              • We can figure it out! - Remington , Tue Jul 25 21:12
                Anssi didn’t seem reassured, and Remington was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t listening to her. There was clearly a language barrier, but she thought she’d said the most reassuring thing ever.... more
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        • Is that how he got his name? - Dylan, Thu Jun 29 14:03
          Dylan stared at her, horrified. She was an older student so she must know. And it was on everything. Oh God, he should have gone to Sonora after all. Uncle Nathan said they didn't even teach history... more
          • Actually, he invented the shoe - Teal, Mon Jul 3 14:06
            Teal resisted the urge to groan as the kid showed her his dreamcatcher. He hadn’t fallen for it! If he’d believed he was in the wrong house, she coulda conned him into doing something really silly.... more
            • "Oh, sorry," Dylan apologized when the older girl pointed out he hadn't introduced himself before demanding a history of the world. "Dylan." Then he worried that giving her just his first name was... more
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