Raja Nazari-Richards [2nd year]
Beast of the feast!
Mon Jul 3, 2017 00:46

Raja had to admit, there was a sense of relief that accompanied returning to RMI as opposed to showing up for the first time. It was nice to immediately belong somewhere and not have to wait to find out which bonfire was his. This time around, he knew to go to the Aquila fire (even if it was probably the weirdest color for a fire. At least Draco’s, while boring, made sense.)

He watched the first years shuffle in with a brand new appreciation, remembering the not-too-distant sensations of wonder and nervousness, not only for the Sorting - which, in the grand scheme of things, didn’t really matter - but for the whole year that was ahead. Raja was a second year now. He knew more of what to expect. Still, it was hard not to pick up at least a sliver of the seemingly contagious nervousness a lot of first years tended to exude.

What was weird, though, was not seeing Aunt Estelle at the staff fire. It was understandable, of course, based on how recently she had given birth, but still. Raja wasn’t particularly fond of changes, and he liked having constants and familiarities. At least the rest of the school was the same, minus the obvious replacement of seventh years with the new students. And, most importantly, the Draco third year class remained untouched.

After the first years sat down, he did his best to listen to the Deputy Headmistress’s speech while he picked confetti out of his dark hair. He was getting pretty hungry, though, which made it decidedly harder to pay attention. Something something Head Students and Prefects, something something Flying Lessons and Quidditch tryouts (which of course he did care about but would care more about on a full stomach/when Marissa put up signups), etc. etc., ditto ditto. And then Professor Boot had to give everybody a heart attack with the announcement of a day-one test, which Raja resolved to fail, deciding immediately that spending his first night back studying was simply not worth it.

Then, finally, food! The House Elves swirled with plates a plenty, and Raja helped himself to whatever looked good. He had already acquired a nice bowl of macaroni and cheese, but a nearby Elf had plates that clearly toted pizza. “I need that,” he thought aloud before asking, “Can you pass me some pizza?” of a student closer to the Elf in question.

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    • Beast of the feast! - Raja Nazari-Richards [2nd year], Mon Jul 3 00:46
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