That's really not necessary
Mon Jul 3, 2017 06:11

He paused in reaching for a bowl of paella because a voice had answered his hypothetical query, and that voice didn't belong to a student in Lyra. It was also coming from somewhere above him. Sure enough, Danny looked up to see Kaye lingering near him. Apparently his quest to avoid Aquila girls had not been successful.

Talking to Kaye was like walking up a familiar staircase when half the steps were inexplicably missing - one moment he thought he knew where he was going with a conversation, but the next moment he'd unexpectedly trip up or fall through the floor, never really knowing quite how it had happened. Why was she even at the Lyra fire? Also why was she standing up and not sitting down? This made it awkward to talk to her; Danny wouldn't be surprised if that was the exact reason she was doing it.

Her reply - once he'd processed it - was the least expected aspect of her presence, as far as Danny was concerned. He was familiar with Holland using words like heteronormative, words that hadn't otherwise penetrated his bubble of existence, but for some reason he still didn't expect them to fall out of the mouths of other students. He could imagine the expression on Holland’s face if he ever said that to them, and he grudgingly aware that he was practically proving Kaye’s point even as she made it.

“You have to ask questions like that to start finding things to fix and fight for, though, so good for you, I guess,” she added. As was often the case when talking to Kaye, Danny felt like her words would sound like a compliment from anyone else, but coming from Kaye he was pretty sure they were meant as an insult. He felt patronized.

“Yeah, that's me, fighting to fix things,” he said uncertainly. He looked back to where his hand was still outstretched, utterly unsurprised to discover the house elf had moved on with his paella. Danny dropped his hand back into his lap. He was one of the few students in the upper years to still bother with uniform robes. Partly because it was actually a school rule to wear them, and (barring a few after-curfew excursions) he abided by the rules, and partly because, Merlin forgive him, he actually enjoyed a bit of ceremony. He quite often abandoned his robes for classes these days, for those subjects where the professors didn't seem to mind the students being out of uniform, but robes at the Opening Feast was a tradition he was planning to uphold. The smarter attire he wore beneath the robes - bright and dark green vertically pin-striped shirt with tailored black pants and his forest green dragonhide boots - was more to do with how he dressed at home, where even his casual clothes were tailored and pressed, versus how he dressed at school, when he had access to Pearl Street and Holland's fashion advice.

Looking around to find something else he wanted to eat, Danny continued to be unnerved by Kaye’s presence. “Are you gonna sit down or just stand there?” he asked, talking in the general direction of her knees because he didn't like looking up at people to talk to them.

  • Happily here to pose as a distraction - Kaye Packman, Sun Jul 2 18:36
    It was very rare for Kaye Packman to be self-conscious about how she looked. The fifth year always looked amazing, and she knew it. Her fashion sense was still as badass as ever. She even had the... more
    • That's really not necessary - Dardanius, Mon Jul 3 06:11
      • Kaye looked off to the side where Danny’s outstretched arm reached. She finished off her raspberry tartlet and pondered, briefly, before snatching a bowl of whatever the dish was as the elf walked... more
        • Challenge accepted - Danny, Wed Jul 5 17:33
          Did it surprise Danny that Kaye was eating the food he had just missed out on? Of course not. The younger girl didn't seem to be particularly gifted at making friends since her arrival at RMI; even... more
          • How's the challenge going so far? - Kaye, Wed Jul 12 15:12
            “Like you know me at all.” Kaye rolled her blue eyes and considered putting the eggroll back on Danny’s plate. Honey, I know you well enough, until you prove otherwise. She picked up the eggroll,... more
            • You tell me - Danny, Thu Jul 13 08:59
              She sat on the stool. She was kind of staring at him the whole time. It was disconcerting, which, bizarrely, was familiar in a conversation with Kaye. Danny speculated that his discomfort was... more
              • I needed to think about it first - Kaye, Wed Jul 19 13:32
                Kaye rolled her eyes and placed the food next to him anyway. She only wanted the eggroll. “Suit yourself,” she shrugged before taking another bite. Her dads had always been impressed by the fact that ... more
                • Carefully considered conclusions - Danny, Wed Jul 19 19:36
                  After he gave her a proper answer, Danny felt momentarily deflated that she didn't even have the good grace to acknowledge it. He hadn't expected a well rounded critique with helpful feedback, but... more
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