Dade Farnon
Well let's make it interesting then
Mon Jul 3, 2017 06:46

Dade spun into the Finer Diner at RMI and felt mildly sick to his stomach. He didnít lean over to vomit, but he kind of felt like it. Instead, he scowled, pulled his trunk over to the side of his room, and straightened his button-up blue shirt under his crimson sweater-vest. Dade also wore khakis and smart shoes, matching his brother to a T - all things that Dade hated. Although at the beginning of last year heíd had fewer feelings about his clothes, the more time he spent away from his family the less and less he was interested in dressing up all the time. Everyone else at RMI wore jeans and t-shirts and rarely wore their robes; why couldnít he be the same way? But it was an argument that had not succeeded with his father despite Roseís intervention (Rose wore whatever she wanted, although she didnít wear anything too outrageous in the house) so here he was, dressed in uncomfortable clothes and ready to start a new school year.

At the very least, Dade was ready. He had spent the summer exchanging letters with Remington, not specifying who he was writing to when he had been asked. Charlene, his step-sister, had assumed it was a girl (well, she wasnít wrong) and had teased him mercilessly, which had only ended in Dade being grumpier than he usually was despite Remingtonís missives.

But now they were back and he didnít have to deal with Charlene until his next holiday, which was fantastic. His hazel eyes darted around the room, looking for his Draco friend, but didnít see her. He frowned, but made his way to the Cetus fire anyway. He gazed over at his sister at the Aquila fire for a brief second. Although it had been a year, Dade was still resentful that he had been Sorted into Cetus instead of Aquila, but he had started to come to terms with it. The likelihood of him ever developing something resembling House pride was low, but at the very least he harboured a little less House hatred than he had the previous year. Dade sat down at the Cetus fire, alone. He didnít like his roommates and he didnít want to sit next to Connor, so alone it was. Someone sat down next to him and he pointedly ignored them.

The opening speech happened and Dade wasnít even peripherally interested in any of the announcements, except Professor Bootís, which he wasnít sure if he should take seriously. The professor was old and strange and possibly not even human (there were whispers among some students that he might be some sort of vampire or wraith) and probably had a bad memory. Even so, Dade resolved to find Remington before their year really began to brush up on his History of Magic. After doing unexpectedly well his first half-term at RMI, Dade had begun to develop an interest in good grades. Being friends with a Draco probably helped.

House-elves appeared out of nowhere carrying food, and Dade selected a fruit salad to start his meal. He wasnít particularly hungry as his body thought it was a little late at night, but he also hadnít eaten with his family before leaving so he was a little hungry. Maybe if he ate something, he reasoned, he would be more hungry and would eat more, leaving him less likely to wake up hungry before breakfast was available. It was inevitable that he would wake up according to the time he was used to rather than RMI time; it had happened at the beginning of last year and after the winter holiday, and Dade saw no reason for that to change.

The person next to him spoke, and Dade looked over. His frown deepened into a scowl as he saw who was sitting next to him. It was Camilla Baird, and she was asking for soy sauce. Dade wasnít sure what Camillaís problem was, but Rose had told him and Connor very clearly that she had one and to tell her immediately if Camilla did anything to them. Dade was fairly certain that asking for soy sauce did not merit telling Rose anything, but he was also fairly certain that he didnít want to hand soy sauce to someone that his sister didnít like.

ďGet it yourself,Ē he snapped, returning his attention to his cup of fruit.

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