Oh, phew! My saviour!
Mon Jul 3, 2017 13:45

“A… song?” he echoed. The darker-skinned girl was acting like she knew exactly what story he was talking about, but Anssi was already pretty sure that they were thinking of different things. Not that he knew exactly what to think - that was why he was asking for help remembering the story, after all. But Anssi’s new teacher in Texas definitely hadn’t taken them in a car, and also hadn’t been a very singing type of person. He had reminded Anssi a little of their mailman back home: didn’t make a lot of eye contact, spoke in short sentences with longer pauses in between. He had been worried that his new American teacher would be more like the loud Americans they saw on television, so it had been a really nice surprise that his teacher was quiet like him.

“I am not thinking that your song is being the same story.” Almost as soon as he said it, Anssi could feel himself blushing a bit. Correcting someone else - especially someone who was older than him - wasn’t a feeling that he was used to. But if this was the only small thing he knew about American history, then he had to make sure he was knowing it properly! “Sorry, you are maybe right! Is the song also being about, erm…” Scrunching up his nose, he tried to remember. Something about an ax. But he didn’t know how to translate that. “The American was causing hurt to the tree,” he tried, and started-and-stopped another attempt before just sighing instead. That was the best he could do.

The girl introduced herself as Remminten. Or was it Rumminten? It was a long name and she said it too fast; by the time he was thinking about how to pronounce it, she had already moved on and was telling him more about the History professor. “Does the professor also sing history in songs?” He didn’t seem like a very singing type of person, but he hadn’t interacted much with the man so he couldn’t be certain. As much as Anssi hoped that he had remembered the apple-tree story incorrectly (because if he got it right, then that meant the girl was wrong), he was also hoping that there wasn’t actually a song. Anssi didn’t know very much about songs. Especially compared to his big brother, who maybe didn’t sing a lot but still knew a lot of music.

“I am not knowing many things about magic history,” he admitted, and tried to save some image of intelligence by adding, “but I am knowing many of European history… Ĺh, and I am Mikael Anselm Ragnar,” he introduced himself hastily. He left off his surname, since the girl had too and he didn’t want to come off as too strange by doing a full introduction. “But I am being called Anssi.”

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    • Oh, phew! My saviour! - Anssi, Mon Jul 3 13:45
      • What kind of apples are you looking for? - Remington, Tue Jul 4 22:40
        Oh. The other student had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to think about her own adventures in Muggle school. It was pretty inconsistent, really, but that was because she kept going... more
        • I don't know. That may be the problem. - Anssi, Sat Jul 22 00:02
          It was really nice that she had offered to sing it for him. Well, maybe offered was the wrong word, since she had just started singing. But he hadn’t asked her to, so maybe it was the right word?... more
          • We can figure it out! - Remington , Tue Jul 25 21:12
            Anssi didn’t seem reassured, and Remington was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t listening to her. There was clearly a language barrier, but she thought she’d said the most reassuring thing ever.... more
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