Actually, he invented the shoe
Mon Jul 3, 2017 14:06

Teal resisted the urge to groan as the kid showed her his dreamcatcher. He hadn’t fallen for it! If he’d believed he was in the wrong house, she coulda conned him into doing something really silly. Whenever Teal had thoughts like that, she wondered if she was in the wrong house. After all, messing with people was more of an Aquila thing, while being a rule-following nerd was more the Draco thing. Teal followed rules. She just wasn’t a nerd about it. Her godfather Keith was a man who followed rules and was a giant nerd about it. She’d really looked up to him when she was younger, because Keith was super smart and told her lots of interesting stories about working in a hospital and muggles and brains and literally anything. He was basically an encyclopedia.

Mom, on the other hand, used to be head of Aquila house here. Mom was also super smart. (And so was Dad, which made Teal wonder where they found Violet). Even with two kids, an oversized iguana, being married to Dad, and running her own business, Mom still had the Aquila spirit. Dad also had an Aquila spirit, although he’d never been a head of house. He’d gone to school on the East Coast, too, so they could only guess his RMI house.

Teal was glad neither of her parents still taught at RMI. She was pretty sure Counselor Tennant had kids about the right age, and how awkward would that be if you got sent to your Dad for getting in trouble?? Plus, the fact that her parents met at RMI was even more awkward. The last thing she wanted was Shifty Eyes or one of the portraits making comments about how familiar she looked. And they weren’t the only staff couple, which was even grosser. Raja’s parents also met at RMI, and Counselor Tennant had met his husband here. Mom and Dad were pretty cuddly with each other around even with Teal or Violet in the room. It was one thing to walk in on your parents kissing in the living room, but Teal was pretty sure she would melt into the ground and die if her parents were kissing in public at school at their JOBS.

Thinking of parents-embarrassing-you and kissing made Teal think of Raja. But he was over at the Aquila fire, and she couldn’t talk to him. Instead she was stuck talking to this nervous kid who was starting to make her actually worry about a first-day test.

"It's probably just a pre-test to see how much work he has ahead of him this year. It probably won't count toward our grade anyway, right? I mean, that wouldn't make sense. He hasn't taught us anything yet."

Teal’s mouth twitched upwards in a smile. “Listen, kid -- I can’t call you kid, what’s your name? I’m Teal. Anyway, I was joking about the sorting test. You’re sadly not as gullible as most first-years are. Boot is a nutcase, and if you remind him of the test, he’ll probably give us one, so all you have to do is not remind him.”

Firstie asked for a “brief historical outline,” which made her laugh at loud. “I don’t know! It’s probably the same as muggle history, right? Blah blah, pilgrims, revolution, independence, and then just -- secretly, in parallel. The same sort of thing. I don’t know which year the Centaur Rebellions began! That’s what books are for. Plus, I’m here to eat, not give a lecture.” She took a large bite of out of a slice of watermelon, for emphasis.

  • Is that how he got his name? - Dylan, Thu Jun 29 14:03
    Dylan stared at her, horrified. She was an older student so she must know. And it was on everything. Oh God, he should have gone to Sonora after all. Uncle Nathan said they didn't even teach history... more
    • Actually, he invented the shoe - Teal, Mon Jul 3 14:06
      • "Oh, sorry," Dylan apologized when the older girl pointed out he hadn't introduced himself before demanding a history of the world. "Dylan." Then he worried that giving her just his first name was... more
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