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Mon Jul 3, 2017 17:31

Still snickering at her loud reaction to the glitter (yep, that was the kind of entertainment he had been looking for), Ruben stretched out one of his legs. An orange cat, which he recognized from around the Aquila commons, was in the way from extending it fully, but a prod with his toe encouraged it to saunter off back to the younger girl who owned it. A satisfied sigh from the sixteen-year-old followed this interaction. Now he could stretch out properly.

“You did not? Have you lost interest already?” Ruben didn’t dial back his teasing tone, but he had noticed her lack of response to him; he was constantly paying attention to that kind of thing. It was why his reflexes were so sharply tuned… not literal sharp tuning, but, you know. Anyways, he’d fully expected Rose to smack him one in return for the dump of confetti, but she hadn’t and didn’t seem about to start. It was weird, but admittedly he’d only known her for less than half a year. He knew she was less into the whole martial arts thing than himself (because of course she was) but sounded like it had gone even farther from her attention since they last saw each other.

Also sounded like he might have to start rounding up a new partner or two. Ah, well. Starting from square one with someone new was always a bit annoying no matter how good he got on with the person in question. It slowed him down. But there were worse things in life.

He smirked at the question, leaning back on his elbows. “In America, not very much. Only kept an eye on Kalle-Anssi. Half-brother, in first year now,” he clarified, tipping his chin towards the Draco fire where the small blonde was now sitting. Keeping an eye on him was a responsibility that Ruben had not claimed until relatively recently, but now that he was aware of the kid’s tendency to attract bullies, it was important to him. He liked to hit people he didn’t like, and he liked it when the people he did like weren’t getting hit themselves. And, presumably, those people also liked getting not hit over getting hit. Win-win, really.

“Then I went to stay with my sister in the north of Sweden,” he continued. “Much more fun. Old friends, and all of that.” Ruben had admittedly spent more time alone than with friends. And his time with friends had admittedly involved way more grappling than ‘catching up’ in the traditional sense. But it had been fun. He straightened up somewhat as a house elf with a tray of desserts passed by, and reached out a long arm to snag a large, fudgey square. He wasn’t hungry for dinner, but chocolate didn’t count in that. “And your summer? Let me to guess: nothing but boring Pureblood family reunions.” With an exaggerated eye-roll, he took a bite out of his fudge.

  • Imagine my excitement - Rose Farnon, Sun Jul 2 07:22
    As usual, Rose had spent the summer avoiding her family as much as possible, except for the occasional fight with her father over Dade. Rose had expected more confrontation with her father, given... more
    • You're welcome - Ruben, Mon Jul 3 17:31
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