Marissa Kendrick
There's too much awesomeness to watch!
Mon Jul 3, 2017 22:47

Marissa Kendrick scanned the Finer Diner with sparkling green eyes. The sixth year was so excited to be back. She loved her summers, and she always kept busy, but this was going to be her year. Fifth year, of course, had been the best so far. There were a few snags, but overall it was good. This year, she knew it was going to be good. She’d planned out the parties she was hosting for the whole school year. She was almost done preparing for her typical welcome back bash for the upper years, and everyone was going to love what she had in store during the winter.

Plus, it was Kit’s first year at Rocky Mountain International. It was Drew’s first year, too, but he basically lived at the school already; this was Kit’s first year and she was so excited for her sister to experience the awesomeness that was the school. She’d promised to take Kit on a passageways tour. That was supposed to be just for Kit, because Marissa fully believed other people needed to discover them for themselves, but her very friendly sister had already found buddies and invited them along. Marissa wouldn’t be surprised at all if she ended up with the entire first year class on her insider’s tour.

The Aquila waved goodbye to Kit and Drew and bounced her way over to her house’s fire. She and Rose had done plenty of thrift shopping adventures together over the summer, and she was super proud of her finds. She had on a crop top with a pineapple print, pink skinny jeans, and black converses. Marissa loved hearing about Rose’s adventures with Danny over the summer. She felt slightly jealous that Rose had gotten to see him when she hadn’t, but hearing all of the stories helped. Of all the nicknames she and Rose brainstormed together, Danny-Diddles may have been her personal favorite.

She briefly wondered why the Deputy Head was giving the opening speech, and her thoughts were derailed when the first years entered and confetti happened. She laughed, wondering if anyone was startled. Kit was probably going to love that. They were Kendricks, after all; sparkly dramatics were the best kind of surprises.

Marissa waited with bated breath to see what house her sister and her Drew were going to be sorted into. Neither ended up in Aquila, but she cheered loudly anyway, jumping and pumping her fists the whole time. She’d promised not to embarrass them too much, but the very freckled girl didn’t consider this embarrassing. She just very loudly expressed her love. Really, they should be used to it.

When the food came out (after more confetti exploded on everyone), Marissa looked around for Rose and realized quickly that she was with Ruben. She was not about to interrupt that, so she settled into a comfy criss cross position on her own and accepted that her feast was going to be spent people watching. She had plenty of people to keep an eye on, after all, so it’d keep her busy. Between Kit and Drew enjoying their first feast, wanting to stare at Danny without getting caught staring at Danny, waving at Holland and Emmett, giving Russell a very bright smile, and keeping an eye on Dade while he chatted with Camilla, it was almost overwhelming!

A house elf walked by with something wrapped in tin foil, and her curiosity about that beat out her need to watch everyone for a moment. It was warm, but not hot enough to burn, and she opened it. Inside were veggies and chicken that had been cooked inside the tin foil, and she couldn’t believe how delicious it looked. She lightly touched a cubed potato before deeming it cool enough to eat and popped it in her mouth. She looked over at the person next to her and motioned to her very shiny food.

“Hey, there are mushrooms in here, and I really don’t like mushrooms. Do you want them?” She offered. She didn’t want to waste food, but there was no way she’d eat mushrooms.

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