Andrew Tennant
First time at this bonfire!
Tue Jul 4, 2017 22:16

Even though he was a first year, Andrew Tennant had been to more RMI opening feasts than any of the other students in the room. This was his ninth opening feast but the first one for which he was finally a student and Drew could not be more happy about that. Waiting to become a student was no fun.

The confetti this year was a surprise—he couldn’t remember the new students being greeted with so much fanfare before—anyway, it was cool. Nice of the deputy headmistress to shake things up a little, especially since Drew had been to so many opening feasts in the past.

As Deputy Head Nanda began the opening spiel (standard despite all the confetti—it didn’t change much from year to year) Drew looked at his blue dreamcatcher and its silver feathers. Well, that was a surprise. He’d really been expecting Aquila. He was friends with some of the Aquilas and Marissa was an Aquila, so clearly he fit in. He would have thought Lyra as the runner-up, but whatever. It was sad he wasn’t in the same House as Kit (no surprise that she was a Lyra) but on the other hand good that he wasn’t in his dad’s House.

Okay. Cetus, then. Drew held up his dreamcatcher a little higher than he needed to (so Madeleine could see from sitting down the staff bonfire) and then headed over to the Cetus bonfire. He’d been waiting for this day since he could remember; Drew definitely wasn’t going to spend it at a different House’s bonfire, even if Kit or Marissa was there. Although he’d put a Sickle on Kit coming over to join her sister or cousin before the evening was over. (He’d told Madeleine she wasn’t allowed to come to his bonfire. Madeleine had been all, “Don’t be silly, you were here all summer, I want to see other people at the feast,” but Drew was not convinced. Madeleine got excited and forgot to not be annoying sometimes. It would probably be cute if it wasn’t usually at him.)

Drew had noticed another boy in his year who was also in Cetus, but he lost track of him in the shuffle to find unoccupied spaces at the bonfire. Darn, Drew had been kind of hoping not to have a roommate, but maybe he would luck out? Marissa and Rose were best friends. “Hey, do you get along with your roommate?” he asked the student beside him, hoping he’d asked someone who actually had a roommate. This was a part of RMI life Drew hadn’t really thought about yet. Although he supposed if it didn’t work out he could just go to the staff quarters and sleep in his old room.

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    • First time at this bonfire! - Andrew Tennant, Tue Jul 4 22:16
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        It hadn’t been intentional, but when Russell began moving towards the mid-grey-Cetus fire, he realized that he had colour-coordinated his tank top with it. Er, at least, greyscale-coordinated. More... more
        • Worse. It's worse. - Maverick, Mon Jul 3 23:27
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          • I can't fix this. Sorry. - Russell, Tue Jul 4 23:49
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