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Tue Jul 4, 2017 23:49

Russell was fully prepared to get cursed out, or at least shunned indefinitely. Or possibly punched. The dark, solid greys of his clothes, plus the promise of revolution, didn’t exactly inspire confidence that he was a pacifist. From Russell’s observations, there weren’t many students at RMI who wore such shadowy combinations of clothing, and the ones who did all scared him a little - erm, a little more than usual. Ruben often stared at him in a creepy way, and had apparently beaten up multiple people last year, so, nope. There was a girl who wore a lot of dark clothes, too. She had some kind of letter name that he couldn’t remember, but what he did remember was that he always needed to buy new pencils after their classes together. It was like she just sucked them away or something. Also nope.

Both of those people were transfer students like him, oddly enough, which did not bode well for this new transfer. But both of them were also Aquilas whereas Russell and this new transfer were Ceti. Maybe that… was a good sign?

Anyways. Compared to his expectations, the other boy’s “Whatever” was quite a mild response.

“I…” The fifth-year entertained the idea of protesting for about two seconds. Something along the lines of how he was a dancer and a good one, too. But Marissa wasn’t anywhere near enough to back him up, so that wasn’t gonna happen. “Yeah. Okay.” He almost added a ‘sir’, but caught himself. Good thing, too, because that would’ve surely made things even more uncomfortable than they already were. Russell was pretty used to feeling awkward in social situations, as it happened on a daily basis (daily here meaning ‘multiple times per day, depending on just how social he was expected to be’). Despite this long history with Awkward, it never came as a surprise to him that he was still capable of being uncomfortable with it.

What did come as a surprise was when the other boy asked him to pass on a drink. “Oh, sure! Umm.” Turning, he noted that the clear glasses had slightly different shades of liquid inside. With literally no idea of what they were, he resorted to pointing at a couple. “This one? Or that?” Russell finally landed on a lighter-grey could-be-juice-or-tea-or-even-just-flavoured-water glass and picked it up. The elf made a hemming sort of noise, and he started guiltily, glancing down at it. “Sorry, sorry. I don’t suppose you could…?” There was a sigh from the elf, suggesting that this was not its first interaction with Russell (Russell couldn’t really tell the difference between the various elves, but you could trust the elf, it wasn’t their first interaction, not even close). It then snapped its fingers and Russell felt a quick burst of warm air rustle his hair, presumably drying all the spilled drink.

“Thanks. I guess.” Russell wasn’t sure if it was worth thanking the elf for, as it was already scurrying away from him, and turned to hold out the glass to the other boy. With his free hand, he reached up to pat his head, ensuring that Jaws hadn’t slipped loose in the sudden chaos. “Sorry, again. Erm, I’m Russell. Prefect,” he introduced himself tentatively, painfully aware of the new pin on his robes and what it signified. Darn, he knew he didn’t deserve it and now everyone else knew it, too. “Welcome to Cetus?” It was not meant to be a question. It came out like one anyways.

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    “Oh, no, I’m sorry!” Well, that relative peace was short lived. Potentially even a new record time for someone bothering him. And this one was so much fun, because not only was there now somebody... more
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