Wow, wizards age even slower than I thought
Wed Jul 5, 2017 09:44

"Oh, sorry," Dylan apologized when the older girl pointed out he hadn't introduced himself before demanding a history of the world. "Dylan." Then he worried that giving her just his first name was either too informal or not informative enough, so he quickly added, "Dylan Xavier." Then he worried that was too much like James Bond even though Bond led with his last name, so he added again, "Call me Dylan." Then he worried that was too much of a Moby Dick reference, so he concluded this repetitive train wreck of an introduction with, "I do also answer to 'hey-you' and 'what's-your-name' - and probably 'kid' as well, if that's your placeholder of choice - but Dylan's preferable." He decided not to muddy the waters further by bringing up his brothers' names, though he would respond to both Derrek and Dave if anyone used either of those names in his vicinity.

She told him her name was Teal and he cursed himself as a babbling idiot for not just sticking with his first answer, but it was somewhat reassuring to hear that Boot might forget the whole thing by tomorrow. He was less reassured by the descriptor 'nutcase' being applied to one of his new teachers, but hoped that was maybe just Teal's opinion.

He was also unsure what to make of her 'joke' about the sorting test. Did that mean she'd had a dreamcatcher sorting, too, after all? He decided maybe now wasn't the best time to ask and give her an opportunity to further test his first year gullibility. He was pretty sure he would have believed her if she hadn't contradicted what the Deputy Headmistress had just finished telling them. Gullibility was one thing, rating the reliability of differing information was quite another. Teachers trumped other students in that regard, unless the topic under discussion was something relating to student life. In that case, teachers were more likely to be out of date or misinformed. Sorting Procedures, though, fell decidedly in favor of the lady telling all the first years how to find where they belonged.

"Secretly in parallel," he repeated the key phrase of wizarding history in comparison to the muggle history he knew. "Got it." And there was evidently a centaur rebellion at some point. Good to know. "Good to know," he repeated aloud. "Thanks."

Now that his test anxiety was largely abated, he turned his attention to what should have been his focus from the start: the food. He started with a slice of pizza, because you can't go wrong with pizza, then looked around to see what else was on offer.

"So what's your favorite food here, O Wise Teal?"

  • Actually, he invented the shoe - Teal, Mon Jul 3 14:06
    Teal resisted the urge to groan as the kid showed her his dreamcatcher. He hadn’t fallen for it! If he’d believed he was in the wrong house, she coulda conned him into doing something really silly.... more
    • Wow, wizards age even slower than I thought - Dylan, Wed Jul 5 09:44
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