Magdalena Adler
Have you enough energy for both of us?
Wed Jul 5, 2017 16:19

Breathe. In. Out. In. Out.

Magdalena was panicking. Standing in the finer diner she found herself rooted to the spot, legs stiff and arms flopping uselessly by her side. She wasn’t ready! She hadn’t planned any conversation starters or decided on a meal, eyes flickering around the room in a poorly concealed state of alarm, Alena focused in on the attire of her classmates finding more cause for concern. She’d been worried when choosing an outfit, worried of dressing too fancy, not fancy enough with no concept of which colours suited her and current fashion trends. At the time it had seemed sensible and easy to simply throw on her school robes but now it was dawning on Alena that she would be mistaken for a first year. Merely the thought of it caused Magdalena’s cheeks to flush red hot with embarrassment. A sudden desire to peel off the offending clothing consumed her. If only she’d worn something else- anything at all!

She wished she was at home curled in her favourite plush red arm chair clutching an adventure book with her papa’s quiet presence reassuring her that everything was fine. He didn’t buy into the comfort and confide brand of parenting very often but he’d always had a soft spot for Alena and had been so warm this morning when her nerves were bubbling over as they did now.

On all side of her streams of students were rushing towards the bonfires to catch up with friends. Magdalena looked like a lunatic frozen to one spot. She could imagine what Charline would say about her falling to pieces at the slightest upset. She clicked the heels of her plain black shoes together again and again to give her mind something to focus on. Surprisingly, it helped and she began to walk slowly to the Lyra fire, fearing sudden movement would only draw more attention to her.

She intentionally selected a seat at the edge of the bonfire and was not settled long before a boisterous presence descended upon her. At first Magdalena was so startled all she could do was stare wide eyed at the girl before ducking her head, tugging at one of her blonde pigtails uncomfortably. Eventually she responded with a timid whisper of her own, “Hello, I’m Magdalena.”

Her heartbeat steadied and Alena found she was able drown out the speech taking place in the room around her. With some difficulty the shy second year forced herself to return her gaze to her companion's face and placed a small smile upon her own. Worried her initial reaction may have been interpreted as rude she sought to affirm her commitment to civil conversation by offering intimacy, “You may call me Alena, if you like. You must be a first year, what’s your name?”

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    • Have you enough energy for both of us? - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jul 5 16:19
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