Prof. Kazimieras Luksa
Cetus first years, with me!
Wed Jul 5, 2017 16:47

When the time came to gather the new students for their tour, Kazimieras Luksa did something different from his normal feast routine. This was his fourth year as Rocky Mountain International’s Divinations professor. He’d liked having that much responsibility and nothing more, but for some reason, he’d been asked to lead the new Ceti to their house. For the life of him, Kaz didn’t understand why Professor Rasnick couldn’t do it. The curly haired man was hardly the type to inspire confidence among people. He wasn’t terrible at things; he just preferred the company of his wizard chess set and a cup of well brewed tea.

First years were the exact opposite of both of those things.

Catching the other heads of houses getting up and making their way towards the students, Kaz held in a sigh and began his journey to the Cetus fire. His feet shuffled, and he quietly reminded himself to pick them up as he walked. The quieter man hadn’t been sure what this new duty required in terms of dress. He loved his Muggle business attire, which seemed acceptable enough. He’d often been told he looked younger than he was, and he didn’t want any of the kids to get any ideas. The younger kids thought you were, the more they misbehaved, and he wanted this to go smoothly. So he ran an anxious hand over his tie, straightened the jacket of his Cetus blue suit, and spoke.

“First years,” he said after clearing his throat. When not everyone looked at him, he tried again. Then, he tried a third time, with his voice magically amplified. There was never a reason to raise his voice in his Divinations classroom or even in very heated chess matches; he was out of practice. “First years, come with me.” He began to walk away, then turned wildly, almost forgetting. “Oh, and if there are transfers, come with me, too.” He couldn’t remember if there were any transfers in the house he was temporarily responsible for. That was really embarrassing.

When all of the first years (and maybe transfers) had gathered with the taller man at the entrance to the Diner, he cleared his throat and spoke again. It was quiet enough away from the other students that he didn’t need to amplify his voice. Unfortunately for him, he’d forgotten to turn off the spell, and his voice boomed unnecessarily over the small group anyway.

“Hello! I hope you enjoyed your first opening feast. Don’t worry, we only sit on the floor for the feast; there are chairs the rest of the time.” By now, he’d realized that his voice was still amplified by his spell. If he took off the spell now, it would look like he’d made a mistake (which he had) and that’d make him look like an anxious bumbling fool (which he was), so he’d just own what was happening and keep talking. It seemed intentional that way. “I’m Professor Luksa, but you can call me by my first name, Kaz. Titles like “professor” are irrelevant when you consider all that is past, present, and future, so, really, just call me Kaz. I teach Divinations. I’m not actually your Head of House, but Ivy’s a little tied up right now. You’ll meet her when you go to Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Kaz led the first years and others to the Cetus entrance. He’d dedicated himself to the accidentally continued loudness of his voice now, and his voice boomed as he pointed out different landmarks to help them remember their way. The biggest of those landmarks mentioned was the Library. He led them through a sequence of hallways before finally ending up in front of a portrait of a young woman, sitting serenely on a rock and gazing into a pool of water while painted birds flew past on the canvas.

“Cetus house uses a password to get in. It changed periodically, and whenever that happens, Ivy will notify you in some way.” He realized that as he spoke, he’d never asked how often the password changed or where that information would be posted. Oops. “Anyway, you just tell this portrait the password. Listen carefully, because your current password is… Zugzwang.” The password felt appropriate. In chess, the word described a situation in which the player couldn’t make a single move that didn’t leave them at a serious disadvantage. It was kind of like being asked to take over a Head of House duty last minute: say no, and have his boss hate him forever, or say yes, and end up looking like an idiot the whole time.

As soon as Kaz said the word, the portrait swung open. Kaz stepped inside and gestured for the students to follow. He finally took the charm off his voice on his way in.

[OOC: Even though this speech has been posted, the Opening Feast isn’t over! Feel free to continue your threads at the feast. This speech just means that you can post on other boards, like the Cetus Commons, the Quidditch Pitch, the Theater, etc. You don’t need to reply to this post unless you want to—it’ll be continued in the Cetus Common Room, where Kaz will be taking your student’s new-to-school questions/comments/concerns.]

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