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Wed Jul 5, 2017 17:33

Did it surprise Danny that Kaye was eating the food he had just missed out on? Of course not. The younger girl didn't seem to be particularly gifted at making friends since her arrival at RMI; even Danny, who rarely had trouble making friends with anyone, found her to be unnecessarily antagonistic.

“Most people like you don't care,” she said. If she hadn't taken his paella (or the paella he was going to take, until she distracted him and then took the same dish for herself without getting any for him, which amounted to the same level of annoyance) he would have conceded her argument. He wasn’t habitually confrontational. But she had taken his food, and called him Pretty Boy, and this summer had really given him his fill of irritating nicknames.

“Like you know me at all,” he said teasingly, swiping a couple of egg rolls before he missed out on those, too. He reached up and put one of them in Kaye’s bowl. “Since you seem to like eating my food,” he explained. As for knowing him, Dardanius would concede she probably had a fair grasp of many of his attributes - the sixth year wasn’t exactly the quiet, mysterious sort - but he had mentally recoiled at her ‘like you’ comment; like him what, exactly? Which of his traits identified him to Kaye as someone not likely to care about discriminatory language, Danny wondered, while believing he could guess the answer.

It hadn't really occurred to Danny that this would be Kaye’s first opening feast, and so the presence of bonfires might not have been as mundane to her as it was to him in his sixth year experiencing the phenomenon. “Yeah,” he started to answer her, but was saved the trouble of elaborating as she asked him a different - far more personal -question, instead.

“Let me fix something for you,” he suggested, adapting her words to meet his needs. The matter of there being no chairs was easily resolved; Danny hadn't done much conjuring, yet (that was usually a topic for the sixth and seventh years) but his transfiguration skills were more than adequate for the occasion. He aimed his wand at an empty goblet (while his wandless magic had been a readily improving, he didn't relish presenting Kaye with the opportunity to ridicule him) placed next to him on the floor, and transfigured it into a short, three-legged stool. If Kaye sat on it, her head would still be situated higher than his own, but it would be dramatically lower than when she was standing. “And now you have a seat,” Danny added chivalrously, as if the seat was for Kaye’s comfort rather than his own.

Her actual question was too intimidating to answer. What would he fix? Immediately Claudia sprang to mind, and her concerns about societally appropriate matrimony. Danny wasn't sure what had instigated these worries, but he sure wanted to fix that. He just didn't know how. Anyway, he suspected Kaye was asking more about things like gender segregation of the dormitories, which again singled Holland out as an anomaly. Danny wasn't sure he really wanted to talk about Holland - or Claudia, for that matter - with Kaye, so he set about eating his egg roll.

  • Kaye looked off to the side where Danny’s outstretched arm reached. She finished off her raspberry tartlet and pondered, briefly, before snatching a bowl of whatever the dish was as the elf walked... more
    • Challenge accepted - Danny, Wed Jul 5 17:33
      • How's the challenge going so far? - Kaye, Wed Jul 12 15:12
        “Like you know me at all.” Kaye rolled her blue eyes and considered putting the eggroll back on Danny’s plate. Honey, I know you well enough, until you prove otherwise. She picked up the eggroll,... more
        • You tell me - Danny, Thu Jul 13 08:59
          She sat on the stool. She was kind of staring at him the whole time. It was disconcerting, which, bizarrely, was familiar in a conversation with Kaye. Danny speculated that his discomfort was... more
          • I needed to think about it first - Kaye, Wed Jul 19 13:32
            Kaye rolled her eyes and placed the food next to him anyway. She only wanted the eggroll. “Suit yourself,” she shrugged before taking another bite. Her dads had always been impressed by the fact that ... more
            • Carefully considered conclusions - Danny, Wed Jul 19 19:36
              After he gave her a proper answer, Danny felt momentarily deflated that she didn't even have the good grace to acknowledge it. He hadn't expected a well rounded critique with helpful feedback, but... more
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