Corriander Terrance
Confetti is a Party Boy's Best Friend
Wed Jul 5, 2017 18:28

Corriander’s first few steps into the Finer Diner did not disappoint. Not only was there enough food to feed a village, but there was confetti raining down on his head. According to Corri, Confetti meant Party, and he was 100% down to party. He picked some of the golden flakes of paper out of his hair and stashed them in his pocket. As the Deputy Headmistress announced each house, another burst sent confetti fluttering into fire that would not burn, only adding to Corri’s excitement. He figured he probably looked like a deer the way he bounded over to the Aquila House Fire and sat with some random students, introducing himself as “Corriander Terrance, Party-Boy.” Sometimes he winked, if he found someone particularly interesting to look at. The idea of quiddich tryouts had Corri practically buzzing, his smile growing so wide his face could’ve split in half, wide dark brown eyes sparkling as he drank in the sights of the Opening Feast. He was raring to start eating when the Deputy Headmistress mentioned something about a pop-quiz, but sort of blew it off. Surely she couldn’t mean the First Years as well, they only just got here. “First-years should expect a quiz as well.” Well, nevermind then. He scowled a little at the thought of having a quiz on the first day of ‘History of Magic’, but he couldn’t be too upset. Being upset only detracted from party time, so he brightened up again and decided to store some more confetti in his pocket. He looked up to sweep some more into his hand, only to find someone staring at him.

  • Aquila House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:20
    • Confetti is a Party Boy's Best Friend - Corriander Terrance, Wed Jul 5 18:28
    • There's too much awesomeness to watch! - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Jul 3 22:47
      Marissa Kendrick scanned the Finer Diner with sparkling green eyes. The sixth year was so excited to be back. She loved her summers, and she always kept busy, but this was going to be her year. Fifth ... more
      • I'm just here for the salad - Armaan Bansal, Fri Jul 28 23:35
        It had been a terrible summer. Armaan sauntered over to the Aquila fire, glad to get away from Rhiya and Sonia’s excited chattering about the confetti bombs they had planned. He flopped onto the... more
    • Beast of the feast! - Raja Nazari-Richards [2nd year], Mon Jul 3 00:46
      Raja had to admit, there was a sense of relief that accompanied returning to RMI as opposed to showing up for the first time. It was nice to immediately belong somewhere and not have to wait to find... more
    • Disposing of some glitter [tag: Rose] - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Jun 30 20:49
      Ruben’s first (half) year at RMI had gone about as well as he’d expected. He had scored a beautiful partner and done a lot of things involving mouths, and then they had broken up - well, technically... more
      • Imagine my excitement - Rose Farnon, Sun Jul 2 07:22
        As usual, Rose had spent the summer avoiding her family as much as possible, except for the occasional fight with her father over Dade. Rose had expected more confrontation with her father, given... more
        • You're welcome - Ruben, Mon Jul 3 17:31
          Still snickering at her loud reaction to the glitter (yep, that was the kind of entertainment he had been looking for), Ruben stretched out one of his legs. An orange cat, which he recognized from... more
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