Professor Arthur Bennett
Come along, Draco first-years!
Wed Jul 5, 2017 23:49

Arthur finished the last of his chicken noodle soup, blew his nose, and wearily stood up. He usually caught a summer cold each year but it had come late this time and hit him just as term was starting. Marissa didn’t suffer fools however, so he’d been keeping his misery to himself for the most part, which wasn’t very fun. Fumbling around in his pockets, Arthur coughed in dismay as he realized he didn’t have any more Pepper-Up potion left. He and Marissa had been married for long enough now though that she was able to quickly pick up on his distress. Rolling her eyes, she handed him a bottle and backed away when he tried to kiss her on the cheek, forcing him to settle for a “thanks, hon,” instead. Looking at the bonfires before him, Arthur realized the other professors were already in the process of gathering their students so he stuffed the potion into his pocket and ambled over to the red bonfire.

The Magizoobotany professor was dressed casually, as always, in khaki shorts and red polo shirt. At 5’6 he was easily and often mistaken for a student even by those who had taken classes with him for years. Though he usually made an effort to gather first-years to him by yelling for them over the general din in the Finer Diner, his sore throat wouldn’t allow it this term. Sighing, Arthur pulled out his wand and muttered periculum, which sent red sparks flying high into the air. Once the general hubbub died down, he asked Draco first-years to follow him down the hallway.

“Welcome to RMI, everyone. I’m Professor…” Arthur started coughing again and stopped walking. This wouldn’t do at all. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the Pepper-Up potion and drank it in one swift gulp. Seconds later, his face turned a deep shade of red as steam burst from his ears. As the effects wore off, Arthur smiled reassuringly at some of the bewildered first-years.

“As I was saying, welcome to RMI. I’m Professor Bennett, Draco’s Head of House and RMI’s Magizoobotany professor.” Ah, much better. He actually sounded intelligible now. “You’ve been sorted into Draco for your loyalty, responsibility, and curiosity, and it’s a pleasure to have each of you here. Now come, let me show you the way to the common room.” He strolled down the hallways, nodding at portraits and pointing out landmarks the students could look for if they got lost.

Before long, Arthur came to a stop in front of a window featuring a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. He waited for the first-years to gather around before continuing: “This is the entrance to the Draco common room. The door has been charmed to look like a window, but don’t worry – you’ll be able to get through. The password for this month is dirigible plums, so don’t forget it or you’ll be stuck outside. Now, follow me.” Without another word, Arthur walked through the door.

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