Counselor Garen Tennant
Follow me, new Lyras!
Thu Jul 6, 2017 03:13

Well. It had finally happened.

Garen Tennant watched Drew make his way to the Cetus bonfire, feeling very proud (he would, of course, have felt proud regardless of Drew’s sorting) and a bit wistful. It was hard to believe that his son was eleven and starting his first year at school already. Garen made a valiant effort throughout dinner to not keep looking over at the Cetus bonfire to see how Drew was getting on. It would have been commendable if not for the fact that Garen only stopped looking because he realized Drew had sat on the opposite side of the bonfire and couldn't be seen anyway. It was also especially silly because, as he was reminded by Madeleine scampering off to talk to Zoey Ludlow as soon as the house elves appeared, the kids sat at the students’ bonfires every year.

Once Garen got used to everything being almost exactly the same as it was every year (but with more nostalgia), he and Aaron had a nice dinner talking to each other. The opening feast always reminded Garen of the night they’d first met (Sondheim, was it twenty-two years ago?) and he quite enjoyed reminiscing about how they had left the feast early and hung out on the Quidditch Pitch. Aaron had conjured fireballs of different colors for light and Garen had shown off by juggling them.

Of course, that was before Garen was a Head of House with post-dinner responsibilities. As this year’s feast drew to an end, Garen and the other heads rose to collect this year’s newcomers. Some of the more savvy Lyras, who were used to his typical method of drawing the students’ attention, managed to cover their ears in the moment between Garen putting two fingers in his mouth and Garen letting out a piercing whistle.

“Welcome and welcome back, new and old students,” he greeted them, once everyone had finished protesting the sound he had just made. Garen noticed with a genuine thrill (and a smidge of trepidation) that Kit was among the Lyras. “I am Garen Tennant, not only your Head of House but also the school counselor and the director of RMI’s Drama Club. Upperclassmen are free to continue enjoying the feast until the house elves shoo you out of the Finer Diner, but if you are a first year or a transfer,” although he was fairly certain they had only one transfer and he had not been sorted into Lyra, “it’s time to finish up so I can show you how to get to your common room.”

The group left the dining hall, Garen walking backwards like a tour guide so he could address the new students face-to-face. Eventually, Garen stopped at a blank bit of wall between two paintings. “Now, if you haven’t heard, Lyra is generally regarded as the artsy House. As such, a little bit of performance is required to get into our common room.” Garen turned back to the wall and sang the first two lines of the chorus from “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” from Oklahoma!.

The space between the paintings opened and widened to reveal the passage that led into the Lyra Common Room. The students could hear the next line of the melody coming from the doorway, as if played on a distant piano. “If you aren’t comfortable singing,” Garen said, as the students filed in ahead of him, “feel free to hum, whistle, kazoo, or dramatically recite it. The door will recognize any rendition of the song as long as it’s close enough.”

Garen waited until the last of them had entered before following through the passage into the common room. “Sit down, get comfortable. There’s still a bit of speech left before you can head up to your dorms.”

[OOC: Even though this speech has been posted, the Opening Feast isn’t over! Feel free to continue your threads at the feast. This speech just means that you can post on other boards, like the Lyra Commons, the Quidditch Pitch, the Theater, etc. You don’t need to reply to this post unless you really want to—it’ll be continued in the Lyra Common Room, where Garen will be taking any of your students’ new-to-school questions/comments/concerns.]

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