Satveer (Sam) Mittal
As ever, he put his foot on the break
Thu Jul 6, 2017 05:11

Clearly Marley wasn’t as in to muggle geek culture, or maybe she had missed the reference. Either way, Satveer’s attempt at a common interest connection was shot down. “We did drive” Satveer retorted as he picked two pizza slices. “When we were in India, we bought an old banger for the muggle towns. It wasn’t a flying car, we used bebbe’s carpet for that. But we didn’t do it in muggle towns.” Satveer interjected himself “We didn’t want the trouble.” Between muggles, the IMoM, flying carpets and their family history of snakes, Satveer’s father thought it best they appear as muggle as possible when in their company.

Satveer paused to take a bite out of his pizza. “Mmm” he hummed whilst chewing. “It’s good” he acknowledged once he’d swallowed the mouthful. Satveer was happy with pizza. Any pizza. Well, most pizza (no fish. Fish should only be eaten when battered and served with chips (chips not fries!)).

Satveer chose not to further the conversation regarding his family. It was easing, but it was still a sore spot in his recent history. He missed his bebbe and didn’t know when he’d be seeing her again. Seizing on the opportunity, he chose to eat the meat slice that he had chosen. Finishing his slice, Satveer continued “India is about 11 hours ahead of us.” closing out the time zone loop.

“That’s really cool about your mum, mechanic and all. My mum is a ho… home maker.” Satveer had been scolded too many times for calling his mother a house wife. The scolding was fair. It’s origins were a like a real Cinderella story, only without the glass slipper or the happy ending. His great-great-great-(great-?)grandfather had committed adultery with a younger more attractive woman than his wife, but ended up marrying both women (much to the disgust of the family). The new (second) wife was lavished on with gifts and fine dining. His first wife however, was forced to keep the house and was never seen out. Since then, all ‘house wives’ on Satveer’s mother’s side of the family have been Home Makers.

“Do you not see you father and his new family much then?” Satveer quizzed before sipping his drink. Realising what a potentially insensitive question that was. Satveer chokingly swallowed, conveniently pausing any reply Marley could have started “Oh no, I’m sorry” he fumbled “I didn’t mean to. Just with your father living away and you mother moving.” Satveer tailed off. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry” He apologised hanging his head low like a puppy who peed on the rug.

  • With no sign of slowing down - Marley, Mon Jul 3 12:27
    “Oh, really?” Glancing down, Marley saw that indeed there was confetti all over her pizza. She swiped at it with her hands, brushing off some of the glittery green bits, but didn’t bother to clean it ... more
    • As ever, he put his foot on the break - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jul 6 05:11
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