Professor Eva Ramirez
New Aquilas, Over Here!
Fri Jul 7, 2017 00:22

Eva rose from her place at the staff fire with the various heads of house and strode towards the Aquila fire. It had been a bit of a surprise when she was asked to cover to Rob, and she hoped everything turned out alright. Whatever it was that was preventing Rob and his wife from being here himself there wasn’t anything she could do to help, but she could make sure the Aquila first years were shown to their common room and told what they needed to know, so that’s what she would do.

“Aquila first years over here, please!” She called as she mentally identified all the students she recognized and picked out the ones she didn’t. Once the new ones made their way to her she announced “follow me, please! I’ll show you to your house common room.”

She led them out of the diner, through the entrance hall, and down towards the admin quarters, which Eva pointed out to them as they passed. They turned into the next corridor which went on a bit before coming to a dead end. She turned to face the new students, put on a grin, and tapped the wall behind her. A hole opened up in the floor.

“Follow me, please.” She said again, and jumped in.

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