But brunettes do it better
Tue Jul 11, 2017 18:13

Having finished their cupcake, Holland accepted a cup of rooibos tea and a chocolate-almond biscotti from a house elf. At some point tonight they would probably want to eat something that had some different nutrients to offer, but no house elves had come by with salad or vegetables or meat while Holland was paying attention, so they would stick with what they could find for now.

Emmett hadn’t asked Holland to explain genderfluidity, but Holland was used to explaining that kind of thing to their boys without prompting (Danny rarely prompted but he still had a lot to learn), so they launched into it. “Genderfluid is like… okay, so if gender identity—not gender expression, that’s different—anyway, if it was a line, you would be here, male.” They tapped one end of their biscotti with a french-tipped nail, and then the other, adding, “Someone like, let’s say Marissa, would be here, female. I’m somewhere near the center. For the most part, we’re all fixed points, with maybe a little wiggle room. Maverick isn’t a point on the line, he moves.” Holland indicated that as well, waving their hand back and forth over the middle of the biscuit, erring toward the side they’d designated as male.

Maverick didn’t seem like the most social person, but Ruben and Russell were becoming part of their friendgroup and they weren’t life-of-the-party kind of people either. A person was a member of the group by Holland’s standards if they were friends with and would willingly make plans to hang out one-on-one with any other member of the group. Russell was really only there with Marissa and Ruben definitely wasn’t there with Emmett, so the transfers were on their way but not quite there yet. Maverick could fit in as well.

Holland liked Kaye too—over the summer they’d sent the underclasswoman a bottle of non-chipping nail polish—and they thought she would get along with everyone else, but for some reason Kaye hadn’t been invited to hang out with them as a group, which was a shame. Emmett was going to need friends who were his year or younger when Holland, Danny, Marissa, and Rose graduated at the end of next year.

They bumped their shoulder against Emmett’s. “I missed you. Try to not get grounded for the whole summer this year.” Holland felt that had been an excessive punishment. Punishments didn’t work unless they happened right after and were a clear consequence of the thing the person was being punished for. And besides, Emmett hadn’t been malicious in punching Lucien, just impulsive and dumb. His parents should really be used to Emmett making impulsive decisions like that, especially when it was about anyone in their friend group. Emmett wasn’t the brightest pup in the kennel but he was the most loyal. If he were more bookish and less of a show-off, he’d make a good Draco. “With Lucien and Justin both gone there’s no one you’d really want to punch left, right?”

  • “I’m more excited about the chocolate, honestly,” Emmett chuckled, “but thanks.” He supposed he wasn’t really surprised to be Prefect given that he was literally the only person in his House and... more
    • But brunettes do it better - Holland, Tue Jul 11 18:13
      • What exactly is "it"? - Emmett, Wed Jul 12 20:43
        Gender and biscotti weren’t two things Emmett thought about together frequently. He thought about them both separately with decent regularity, the former because of Holland the latter because he was... more
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