You tell me
Thu Jul 13, 2017 08:59

She sat on the stool. She was kind of staring at him the whole time. It was disconcerting, which, bizarrely, was familiar in a conversation with Kaye. Danny speculated that his discomfort was comforting. The sensation increased as she tried handing his food back to him as an incentive to answer her original question which, retroactively, she made more specific to be just one fix. Danny ignored the bowl and looked up (the distance from his eyes to hers was considerably diminished but she was still above him) into her eyes. “I really,” he emphasized the word, “don’t like eating food other people have touched.”

He sighed. He’d answer her question anyway because she might move to the stick approach now that she knew her carrot wasn’t going to work. He just wasn’t sure how to answer it. “I don’t know,” Danny said, in the manner of someone trying to reach a decision, rather than someone who was trying to be evasive. He thought about the few problems of which he was aware while he munched on his egg roll. The ideas were fleeting and chaotic rather than being helpfully organised; he considered Claudia’s confusion, and the arguments than had been instigated by Lucien’s refusal to adhere, and the brawling of various members of his friendship group at the end of term. It seemed ridiculous to him to try and break down each scenario simply to find a common theme, but at the same time he would acknowledge they all had some issues with acceptance and tolerance. Those, however, were such broad concepts that Danny seriously doubted they could be formulated into one tangible thing to fix.

On the whole the school was quite accepting, quite tolerant, Danny thought. Its students evidently needed some education in tolerance and acceptance - here Dardanius was no exception, but luckily Holland was his friend and a good teacher; he would undoubtedly be considerably more ignorant if it weren't for their friendship - but again that didn't suggest any ‘one thing’ to fix. “Maybe changing the leadership names to Head Students wouldn't be a bad start,” he said after a pause that enabled him to swallow his food. “I see the logic in having both a male and female role model for students to identify with, but gender isn't necessarily binary, and may not be the best indicator of good leadership.” He shrugged. If all the boys in a year were morons and all the girls exemplary human beings, the current system would still force a leadership role on a moron, even without considering the discrimination of anyone who claimed a nonbinary gender.

“They may as well choose a Muggleborn and a Wizardborn, or a national and international student, or someone who prefers peas and someone who prefers carrots,” he grinned a little at the end because that had come out slightly more ridiculous than he'd meant it to, but it conveyed his point nonetheless. “What if you don't like peas or carrots? Does that make you a bad leader?” he asked Kaye rhetorically, hoping he had satisfied her query. Admittedly her original question had stipulated besides the ‘Head Boy and Girl thing’ but it wasn't as though he'd planned out a revolution in advance of the conversation.

“What about you?” Danny asked, considering it only fair that he heard Kaye’s input, too. He didn't know very much about the younger girl, aside from her skill in how to make a compliment sound like an insult, or vice versa. “What would you change?”

  • How's the challenge going so far? - Kaye, Wed Jul 12 15:12
    “Like you know me at all.” Kaye rolled her blue eyes and considered putting the eggroll back on Danny’s plate. Honey, I know you well enough, until you prove otherwise. She picked up the eggroll,... more
    • You tell me - Danny, Thu Jul 13 08:59
      • I needed to think about it first - Kaye, Wed Jul 19 13:32
        Kaye rolled her eyes and placed the food next to him anyway. She only wanted the eggroll. “Suit yourself,” she shrugged before taking another bite. Her dads had always been impressed by the fact that ... more
        • Carefully considered conclusions - Danny, Wed Jul 19 19:36
          After he gave her a proper answer, Danny felt momentarily deflated that she didn't even have the good grace to acknowledge it. He hadn't expected a well rounded critique with helpful feedback, but... more
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