I don't know. That may be the problem.
Sat Jul 22, 2017 00:02

It was really nice that she had offered to sing it for him. Well, maybe offered was the wrong word, since she had just started singing. But he hadn’t asked her to, so maybe it was the right word? Anyways, it was nice of her and she also had a nice singing-voice, but still Anssi frowned and shook his head because the song wasn’t even a little bit recognizable to him. “Probably I have been making the wrong idea.” The blonde sighed. He definitely thought that he had remembered it properly, because he remembered the coloured picture in their schoolbook of a tree with tiny apples and the young man with an ax, but there had been a ton of new things happening since he had arrived in Texas. It shouldn’t be too surprising that he had remembered it wrong after all.

It was also really nice of Remmintun to explain more about the type of history class that they had here. Anssi wasn’t super reassured to here that it was all about magic history, because he knew even less about magic history than he did about non-magic history. She obviously meant it as something reassuring, though, and he appreciated that. But then she followed it up with an example that promptly un-reassured him again. “Exists there a cauldron that is stirring by itself?” he echoed (somewhat), blue eyes widening at the concept. He’d never heard of such thing before! How did it work? “Are they magicking the cauldron or the spoon?”

A self-stirring cauldron made a lot of sense, even just as he thought about it more to himself. It would make cooking - er, potion-cooking, whatever that word was - easier because then you could work on preparing other ingredients while the cauldron was doing its own thing. It would be useful for real cooking, too. Anssi wasn’t sure how useful, because on the rare occasions that his mamma cooked and he got to help her, he was always tasked with watching the pots and pans very carefully to see when water started to boil or when batter was bubbling. Surely a magic spoon wouldn’t be able to just know when the food was ready. “Are all magic houses having cooking tools that stir by itselfs? My house does not,” he explained, “but we are not really very magic at home, either.”

  • What kind of apples are you looking for? - Remington, Tue Jul 4 22:40
    Oh. The other student had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to think about her own adventures in Muggle school. It was pretty inconsistent, really, but that was because she kept going... more
    • I don't know. That may be the problem. - Anssi, Sat Jul 22 00:02
      • We can figure it out! - Remington , Tue Jul 25 21:12
        Anssi didn’t seem reassured, and Remington was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t listening to her. There was clearly a language barrier, but she thought she’d said the most reassuring thing ever.... more
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