We can figure it out!
Tue Jul 25, 2017 21:12

Anssi didn’t seem reassured, and Remington was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t listening to her. There was clearly a language barrier, but she thought she’d said the most reassuring thing ever. Maybe her phrasing had been wrong?

Remington imagined she was a clear person. On her family’s travels, she was often on Anssi’s end of things. She didn’t often speak whatever language the rest of that country did. Her Spanish was so-so, which her mom’s side of the family loved to point out whenever they got the chance. That’s probably what it felt like for Anssi right now. The Draco wanted to get the chance to correct what she’d said and do even better at reassuring him, but he attached to a totally unimportant thing.

She blinked her brown eyes as he questioned her about self-stirring cauldrons. She didn’t really know what the magical properties behind a self-stirring cauldron existed. She knew that they were one of the biggest modern cauldron inventions to date, and they had the wizard Gaspard Shingleton to thank for it. He had his own chocolate frog card and everything; that’s how big of a deal it was. She’d actually gotten his card that summer to add to her collection. Remington hoped to have most of the famous witches and wizards in her collection someday. She kept running into the Quidditch team cards lately, which weren’t what she wanted. Most of the cards featured people from Europe, and her collection was mostly American. It was hard to just get something with her chocolate frog from another country when she bought the candy in America. The United States was self-centered that way.

“I’m not too magical at home either,” she admitted, “I think people who are super into potions would use them more? I really don’t know.” She laughed a little. “I think you’re missing my point, though.” Remington leaned in, like she was telling Anssi a very important secret, and she motioned for him to do the same. Like, it was so important, she wanted to make sure he heard it this time. It’d be better for him if he did. Maybe he’d calm down. “This quiz isn’t going to matter. He just wants to learn what you already know so he can decide what he’s teaching this year.”

There was, of course, no way for Remington to know this for sure, but she fully believed it, so she spoke with the sincerity and self-confidence of a white, middle-class businessman.

  • I don't know. That may be the problem. - Anssi, Sat Jul 22 00:02
    It was really nice that she had offered to sing it for him. Well, maybe offered was the wrong word, since she had just started singing. But he hadn’t asked her to, so maybe it was the right word?... more
    • We can figure it out! - Remington , Tue Jul 25 21:12
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