Well, maybe once
Thu Jul 27, 2017 05:31

So the new girl had come from California (was there a wizarding school there?) and before that Wales, specifically two towns with far too many consonants for Rose’s liking. To be fair, ‘Welsh town with far too many consonants’ was a good descriptor for quite a bit of Wales. The geography of Wales was also far beyond Rose’s realm of knowledge, so hearing where, specifically, this girl had come from in Wales didn’t do her a whole lot of good. Which was fine, whatever; it would have been a lot more useful if this girl had said which school she was (probably) transferring from, but it wasn’t technically information Rose had to know. Of course, Marissa would be just as curious as she was to hear about their latest transfer student. Was she in Aquila? Their House had already gotten two transfers last term (Kaye Packman, who Rose didn’t have many feelings about, and Ruben, who she had too many feelings about) - did they really have room for one more?

“No, my family lives in Devonshire,” Rose responded to the new girl’s question, putting her spoon down in her bowl of yogurt. “My mom was an American and went to school here, so my brothers and I go here too,” she elaborated, excluding the details of how she had convinced her father to send them to RMI. While Marissa knew about the Farnon family situation, the only other person at school who was aware (as far as Rose knew) was Danny, who had gotten some details in passing over the summer.

It was at that point that the conversation went completely off the rails.

Rose didn’t know what a pesticide or a GM food was, and was only peripherally aware of the phrase ‘organic’ because she spent time on Pearl Street; from what she had gathered, it was a word used to convince Muggles to spend more money on things than they would otherwise. Other than the fact that the spread on the tables was probably laid out by house elves, Rose had never given much thought to where her food actually came from; it just wasn’t important to her. It was, apparently, paramount importance to - Myfanway. Myffi. Great.

Unlike Emmett, Rose wasn’t inherently against the existence of transfer students, but so far she hadn’t been particularly impressed by anyone except Ruben. Kaye hadn’t made much of an impression, but Russell was essentially a weirder version of Emmett and Maverick, the new Cetus, was essentially just Holland Lite. It seemed like Myffi was heading down the path of Holland and Maverick on the weird factor, and Rose wasn’t incredibly on board with it. She was fond of Holland, despite her initial reluctance to be friends with her yearmate, but Rose had no reason to put up with that amount of bizarre social interaction from anyone else. Holland and Rose had been friends for years; Maverick had shown up two weeks ago (and had a ridiculous name to boot). Still, she didn’t feel strongly enough about the new transfers to be downright rude to them.

“I’m Rose,” the sixth year introduced herself. “And I don’t know if the food is organic, sorry. I know there’s loads of organic stuff up on Pearl Street if you want to take a look around up there. Most of the places only take Muggle money but there’s a bank you can exchange at.” Rose paused, examining the tie-dye t-shirt dress Myffi was wearing. “I think you’ll like Pearl Street,” she added, managing to (mostly) keep the wry tone out of her voice. “My roommate and I can show you around later if you like. What House are you in?”

  • What, never never ever? - Myfanwy, Wed Jul 26 09:38
    The girl replied in an English accent which was completely lovely because although it might have been nice to be the only foreign student at the school, Myfanwy hadn't really been expecting that... more
    • Well, maybe once - Rose, Thu Jul 27 05:31
      • If it happened once it can happen again - Myfanwy, Fri Jul 28 06:54
        “Oh how lovely, I've been on holiday to Devon,” Myfanwy trilled. “My Mam had an old friend who lives near Bere Ferres so we stayed in a campsite in Devon nearby.” It was adorable that this girl and... more
        • Apparently Rose was a nice name, which Rose didn’t particularly disagree with but thought it was an awkward comment to make. What was she supposed to say, ‘thanks, my mom picked it out’? Actually,... more
          • It's called realism - Myffi, Fri Jul 28 14:53
            Everything about Pearl Street sounded amazing. Myfanwy had literally never been so excited about anything in her whole entire life, except maybe when she found out she was a witch, and then maybe... more
            • I'm not familiar - Rose, Sat Aug 5 20:04
              “I am relatively certain Holland is not a pumpkin,” Rose said dryly in response to Myffi’s confusion, spending a moment feeling superior in her understanding of how things worked. Admittedly, Rose... more
              • I'll teach you - Myffi, Sun Aug 6 10:52
                Myfanwy assumed they were now talking about a student named Holland (she could be wrong, she wasn't certain she was following this conversation all that well). Rose said, “They just aren’t a boy or a ... more
                • I'm wary of your instruction - Rose, Tue Aug 8 17:19
                  Out of nowhere, fake-weirdo hippie girl started asking questions about - Holland’s parts ? Rose was, unusually, stunned into silence. She had known Holland for five years and hadn’t once thought... more
                  • Why? - Myffi, Wed Aug 9 09:52
                    Rose said classes were ‘okay’ but she didn't sound very sure about that. Maybe she really liked school and was trying not to sound like a swot, or maybe she was really really bad at classes and she... more
                    • New girl wasn’t interested in being an Animagus, which took her down a few notches in Rose’s eyes. She also seemed to think being an Animagus wasn’t useful, which Rose took to mean that she clearly... more
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