Sara de Alba
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Thu Jul 27, 2017 07:50

Sara de Alba was starting to get the hang of magical school, and she was rather proud about it. Her mother, the perfectionist, had decided it was a good idea to hire a tutor to help her get up to speed. Her father, on the other side, had rolled his eyes at his wife and her constant need to make her daughter perfect. Though, Sara knew, deep down, that her father was glad someone was pushing her to work for better grades. The brown-eyed girl was happy with the results she had during the summer, and was more confident with her magical abilities. It had taken around 6 weeks of intensive work to catch up with the RMI first-year curriculum.

Merlin, Sara had suffered through almost every day of the summer, but her mother had been adamant on her finishing summer schooling. Sara, at first, had felt humiliated and angry at her parents for cheating her of a nice, relaxing summer. Why did it had to be this way? She argued and threw tantrums, but at the end of the summer she was glad they had made her do it. She felt more confident with her knowledge and abilities and was ready to return to school. Now she had the tools to compete with her classmates.

The Lyra smiled at no one in particular as she strolled down the hallways with her backpack on tow. It was time for breakfast and Sara was ready to start the day. She entered the Finer Diner with a smile on her face and quickly found an empty seat for herself. It was the time of morning where the diner was swarming with students heading to classes or other activities. The Lyra yawned and settled in her seat before deciding on ordering some scrambled eggs with cheese and some toast.

As her food appeared in front of her, Sara squealed, “Yes!” She was rather hungry. She brown-haired girl looked at someone sharing her table, “Good morning,” she said happily before taking the first bite of her breakfast.

    • 'They' say a lot of things - Dade Farnon, Thu Jul 27 07:51
      It was Dade’s personal opinion that Connor was becoming increasingly insufferable as time went on. It was Connor’s personal opinion that Dade needed more socially acceptable friends. It was Dade’s... more
      • You make it sound like a conspiracy - Sara, Thu Jul 27 07:51
        The Lyra´s smile was instantly erased when her eyesight adjusted to the person she had actually greeted: Dade Farnon. It wasn't that Sara had something against his fellow second-year, it was more... more
        • Well how do you know it isn't? - Dade, Thu Jul 27 07:52
          All of Dade’s hopes of being able to pretend to listen and tune out of the conversation were squashed when Sara decided to actually do something about the homework instead of just complain about it.... more
          • How do you know? - Sara , Thu Jul 27 12:34
            If she was honest, Sara was amazed when Dade actually shared his homework with her. As far as she could remember, they didn't have too many previous interactions. Sara blinked a couple of times at... more
            • How do you know what I know? - Dade, Fri Jul 28 09:30
              Sara wasn’t making nearly as many corrections to her packet as Dade had expected, and he was surprised. Last year she had certainly been towards the bottom of their class if not the bottom, at least... more
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