Dade Farnon
'They' say a lot of things
Thu Jul 27, 2017 07:51

It was Dade’s personal opinion that Connor was becoming increasingly insufferable as time went on. It was Connor’s personal opinion that Dade needed more socially acceptable friends. It was Dade’s personal opinion that Connor needed to shut his mouth and mind his own business.

Dade’s friendships - well, friendship - had been the topic of conversation last night, which had resulted in Dade stomping up to the boys’ dormitory and slamming the door loudly enough that Huburt Park, the most annoying first year in existence, had come to tell him that he was being a disturbance. Dade had responded with exactly what Huburt could do with his feelings about being disturbed using some words that he had picked up from Rose, and Huburt had primly told him to watch his language before walking away. Connor hadn’t followed Dade up the stairs, which was good because Dade had been even more annoyed thanks to Huburt’s interferance. The worst thing about being in Cetus was that he had to share a House with his brother instead of his sister.

Consequently, Dade had waited until he was sure Connor had left for breakfast before sneaking down the stairs and exiting the commonroom himself. Once in the diner, the second year had found a table as far away from his brother as possible and ducked his head, hoping to not be noticed. The table itself was as laden with food as it was at every meal, and Dade took the opportunity to help himself from the pan of scrambled eggs, then from a plate full of large sausages. With a furtive glance at Connor, Dade tucked in. It looked like his brother was busy in conversation with one of the other third years, Alice Lemont, so Dade decided he was safe for now.

His attention, however, was suddenly torn away by a squeal from across from him and Dade looked up in annoyance to see Sara de Alba. Sara wasn’t the most annoying person in his year (that award probably belonged to one or both of his roommates) but Dade hadn’t been particularly fond of her last year. She was kind of dumb and he usually avoided partnering with her in class if he could help it - although to be fair, he usually avoided partnering with anyone except Remington, when possible.

“Good morning,” Dade responded flatly to his yearmate’s greeting, hazel gaze returning to his food. Rose had spent all of last year bothering him to make more friends, but he hadn’t been particularly successful. Still, she had cajoled him into promising to try harder this year so he made a face and tried to continue the conversation. “Did you already do the Charms homework?” he asked, referencing the three page packet they had been given as a review on the charms they had learned last year. Dade had finished the homework quickly and without any problems, as he usually did, but from his knowledge of Sara’s lack of academic proweress he wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to complain about it or something. Then he could tune her out while pretending to listen and honestly say he had made a token attempt at friendliness with one of his yearmates, which would hopefully get Rose off his case.

  • Sara de Alba was starting to get the hang of magical school, and she was rather proud about it. Her mother, the perfectionist, had decided it was a good idea to hire a tutor to help her get up to... more
    • 'They' say a lot of things - Dade Farnon, Thu Jul 27 07:51
      • You make it sound like a conspiracy - Sara, Thu Jul 27 07:51
        The Lyra´s smile was instantly erased when her eyesight adjusted to the person she had actually greeted: Dade Farnon. It wasn't that Sara had something against his fellow second-year, it was more... more
        • Well how do you know it isn't? - Dade, Thu Jul 27 07:52
          All of Dade’s hopes of being able to pretend to listen and tune out of the conversation were squashed when Sara decided to actually do something about the homework instead of just complain about it.... more
          • How do you know? - Sara , Thu Jul 27 12:34
            If she was honest, Sara was amazed when Dade actually shared his homework with her. As far as she could remember, they didn't have too many previous interactions. Sara blinked a couple of times at... more
            • How do you know what I know? - Dade, Fri Jul 28 09:30
              Sara wasn’t making nearly as many corrections to her packet as Dade had expected, and he was surprised. Last year she had certainly been towards the bottom of their class if not the bottom, at least... more
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