You make it sound like a conspiracy
Thu Jul 27, 2017 07:51

The Lyra´s smile was instantly erased when her eyesight adjusted to the person she had actually greeted: Dade Farnon. It wasn't that Sara had something against his fellow second-year, it was more about Dade being somewhat of an Grumpypants all the pineapple time. He wasn't the kind of person that invited you to feel comfortable around him, and Sara preferred to surround herself with people that actually smiled. She was sure that if Dade smiled it would be a very creepy smile. She shuddered at the thought of that and focused her attention on the boy. It would be rude not to, besides, like her mother always said, maybe he was just rough on the outside.

Sara attempted a friendly smile again, but Merlin, it was hard with Dade. His whole demeanor didn't invite for a friendly conversation. The Lyra blinked a couple of times, took a bite of her breakfast and stared at Dade as if he was a life form from another place. “Yes I finished already,” she casually commented feeling exceedingly proud about the fact that she had accomplished something academic. It had been a bit troublesome, but she had a lot of notes about those charms from her summer schooling and it made it so much easier for her to review. Sara was certain she would not have such a hard time at school this semester.

The Lyra looked at Dade, “Would you like to compare it?” she asked feeling hopeful about it since it would help her see if she had done everything correctly, which she had, but Dade was very smart and he could help her improve her grades. However, she sort of doubted he was up to doing something so friendly and altruistic. His big sister was so much better at helping than he was. The second-year smiled hopefully at Dade, maybe he was trying to be nice, or something.

Sara leaned towards her backpack and started looking for the packet that had been recently finished. She located the folder with it and placed it on top of the table, near her. Maybe Dade wasn't bad afterall. In his defense though, they didn't tend to talk to each other that frequently. Maybe she had misjudged him.

  • 'They' say a lot of things - Dade Farnon, Thu Jul 27 07:51
    It was Dade’s personal opinion that Connor was becoming increasingly insufferable as time went on. It was Connor’s personal opinion that Dade needed more socially acceptable friends. It was Dade’s... more
    • You make it sound like a conspiracy - Sara, Thu Jul 27 07:51
      • Well how do you know it isn't? - Dade, Thu Jul 27 07:52
        All of Dade’s hopes of being able to pretend to listen and tune out of the conversation were squashed when Sara decided to actually do something about the homework instead of just complain about it.... more
        • How do you know? - Sara , Thu Jul 27 12:34
          If she was honest, Sara was amazed when Dade actually shared his homework with her. As far as she could remember, they didn't have too many previous interactions. Sara blinked a couple of times at... more
          • How do you know what I know? - Dade, Fri Jul 28 09:30
            Sara wasn’t making nearly as many corrections to her packet as Dade had expected, and he was surprised. Last year she had certainly been towards the bottom of their class if not the bottom, at least... more
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