How do you know?
Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:34

If she was honest, Sara was amazed when Dade actually shared his homework with her. As far as she could remember, they didn't have too many previous interactions. Sara blinked a couple of times at her yearmate and carefully extended her hands towards the red folder he had provided for her research. The Lyra was excited to figure out how she had done before Professor McKindy actually graded their work, since she was sure Dade´s packet would be impeccable. Despite her excitement for this unforeseen opportunity, the twelve-year old looked up at Dade for a few seconds before opening her own folder.

The girl´s brown eyes began scanning the offered piece of work and a grin slowly began tugging at the corner of her lips. She hadn't done half bad! Of course, there were clear and obvious mistakes here and there, but overall her work was pretty good. She brightened up with pride at the fact that she had been able to manage such an amazing feat without much outside help. Yes, she had relied heavily on her previous notes, but it had been her notes.

Sara carefully grabbed her bag and began rummaging for a pen to take some notes, but they were not going to extensive. The Lyra began casually moving between both packets trying to be as quick as possible as to not annoy Dade over her tardiness. He had been nice enough to lend her his homework without any questions. Sara didn't really want to copy it, she just wanted to revise what she had already written against the most smart boy in their (she wasn't really sure about her allegation, but she knew Dade was super smart). However, his handwrite was a bit confusing at times.

She looked up after a few minutes of making small notes here and there, but she finally reached an answer where the handwriting couldn't really be discerned. Her eyes moved to Dade´s face and carefully passed him his folder, “Question 11 answer is hard to read, especially the first sentence,” she pointed out on his packet. “Could you, please, help me with this? It's hard to read,” she asked.

  • Well how do you know it isn't? - Dade, Thu Jul 27 07:52
    All of Dade’s hopes of being able to pretend to listen and tune out of the conversation were squashed when Sara decided to actually do something about the homework instead of just complain about it.... more
    • How do you know? - Sara , Thu Jul 27 12:34
      • How do you know what I know? - Dade, Fri Jul 28 09:30
        Sara wasn’t making nearly as many corrections to her packet as Dade had expected, and he was surprised. Last year she had certainly been towards the bottom of their class if not the bottom, at least... more
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