It's called realism
Fri Jul 28, 2017 14:53

Everything about Pearl Street sounded amazing. Myfanwy had literally never been so excited about anything in her whole entire life, except maybe when she found out she was a witch, and then maybe again when she decided to go to magic school in America. “I don't eat ice cream because I'm vegan,” she hastily told Rose, “but maybe they do a sorbet.” Giving up ice cream had been hard because Myfanwy really liked ice cream. One of her old school friends had found some soya ice cream to try but Myffi didn't eat soya either because it was massively genetically modified and human sewage was used as a fertilizer, which was absolutely disgusting. She had a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables grown on local farms, and hazelnuts and chestnuts from the garden, and cereals grown without pesticides. She ate eggs from her own chickens (or she would also eat them if she could be sure the chickens were free range and well looked after), and obviously she would have to eat the occasional piece of toast with marmalade if she was really hungry and didn’t actually know where the food came from.

“But oh my gosh you have a job? You actually work here?” That was as bizarre as it was fascinating. Cledan had a job at the post office on a weekend and she always had money to spend. Myfanwy was utterly enthused by the idea of working maybe just a few hours a week while she was away at school. She could use the money to buy clothes and sorbets and maybe get dance lessons. She was only fifteen but she was going to start asking about jobs as soon as she could because that sounded brilliant. “I’m dying to learn dance,” Myffi exaggerated to Rose. “I did lessons in the village hall when I was younger but it’s only ballet and tap there for the children and I saw some dancers at the fete one year that was all disco and that sort of thing, you know? That looked fab, I’d be so into trying that.”

Myffi was already envious of Rose and her roommate’s friendship. Her eyes widened at the news about both girls being on the Quidditch team. The Welsh girl wasn’t at all sporty. She liked to be outdoors and do walking and gardening but nothing that actually involved competing against other people. She wasn’t quick or strong and she hadn’t even ridden a broomstick ever so she was definitely going to be in the stands watching the Quidditch games rather than playing in them. For the first year anyway. If it turned out that all her friends in fifth and sixth years played Quidditch then she was just going to have to learn.

While disappointed that she was the only girl in her House and yeargroup, Myfanwy clung to the hope that she’d share a room with a girl from maybe the year above or the year below. Then Rose said something very weird about her roommate not being a girl but not being a boy either. Myffi wasn’t following at all. “What, they might put me in a room with a pumpkin?” she said, her sarcasm phrased as a question, her tone and expression both translating her confusion. Was Rose just winding her up? Was anything she said true about working on Pearl Street and playing Seeker on the Quidditch team?

  • Apparently Rose was a nice name, which Rose didn’t particularly disagree with but thought it was an awkward comment to make. What was she supposed to say, ‘thanks, my mom picked it out’? Actually,... more
    • It's called realism - Myffi, Fri Jul 28 14:53
      • I'm not familiar - Rose, Sat Aug 5 20:04
        “I am relatively certain Holland is not a pumpkin,” Rose said dryly in response to Myffi’s confusion, spending a moment feeling superior in her understanding of how things worked. Admittedly, Rose... more
        • I'll teach you - Myffi, Sun Aug 6 10:52
          Myfanwy assumed they were now talking about a student named Holland (she could be wrong, she wasn't certain she was following this conversation all that well). Rose said, “They just aren’t a boy or a ... more
          • I'm wary of your instruction - Rose, Tue Aug 8 17:19
            Out of nowhere, fake-weirdo hippie girl started asking questions about - Holland’s parts ? Rose was, unusually, stunned into silence. She had known Holland for five years and hadn’t once thought... more
            • Why? - Myffi, Wed Aug 9 09:52
              Rose said classes were ‘okay’ but she didn't sound very sure about that. Maybe she really liked school and was trying not to sound like a swot, or maybe she was really really bad at classes and she... more
              • New girl wasn’t interested in being an Animagus, which took her down a few notches in Rose’s eyes. She also seemed to think being an Animagus wasn’t useful, which Rose took to mean that she clearly... more
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