Armaan Bansal
I'm just here for the salad
Fri Jul 28, 2017 23:35

It had been a terrible summer.

Armaan sauntered over to the Aquila fire, glad to get away from Rhiya and Sonia’s excited chattering about the confetti bombs they had planned. He flopped onto the floor and laid down, hands crossed behind his head, and stared at the ceiling. Breathing slowly, he took a moment to appreciate the quiet. The other students would be arriving in a few minutes and the solace of the bonfires and their crackling would disappear. The seventh-year had considered skipping the Opening Feast; he had no interest in fielding questions about the break or hearing about the great time everyone else had had the past few months. But, this was his last year at RMI, and in the end, nostalgia won out.

He reluctantly dragged himself into a sitting position as the students arrived and pulled his beanie low over his head. As people settled down at their respective bonfires Armaan thought he’d been successful in giving off “stay away from me” vibes, that is until Marissa Kendrick, probably the chattiest girl in school, sat down next to him. Thankfully Sonia started her speech shortly after, leaving Marissa too busy cheering on the new kids to pay any attention to him. It was a strange experience being at the feast this time around. Usually Armaan put himself in the thick of things, living moment by moment, but now found himself sitting back and observing the scene before him. Maybe it was because it was his last year, or maybe it was because he’d been feeling so bitter after the events of summer, but he’d been more introspective lately.

When the last school year ended, Armaan had thought he was saying goodbye to RMI for the last time. He’d made his plans, packed his bags, and set off to stay with his father in Los Angeles. He’d showcase some of his songs, meet with music execs, and his career as an artist would finally get underway. But then—

"Wait, you were serious about moving here?! Hahaha…ahaha…hoo…phew…ah I’m crying, this is too funny. C’mon kiddo, be realistic! I admire your spirit but you can’t stay here with me. Man, wait ‘til I tell your mom this was your plan. Ha!"

Armaan had returned to Colorado the next day. He’d been in a foul mood for weeks after and had been dreading the start of a new term. And yet, now that the school had come back to life, the Aquila found himself begrudgingly smiling as each House cheered loudly for the new students. It was hard to hate RMI.

The speech finally ended and the house elves appeared. Armaan nabbed a bowl of Caesar salad and focused on eating. Then, inevitably, Marissa turned to him. He braced himself, ready to shut down any conversations about his summer, but then blinked at her in bewilderment as she offered him her mushrooms.

“Uh, yeah, sure. Give me a sec.” Armaan said, and then scarfed down the rest of his salad before proffering his newly emptied bowl at her. “You seemed pretty excited about the new kids this time around. Do you know any of them?” As long as he could keep the conversation off summer, things would be okay.

  • There's too much awesomeness to watch! - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Jul 3 22:47
    Marissa Kendrick scanned the Finer Diner with sparkling green eyes. The sixth year was so excited to be back. She loved her summers, and she always kept busy, but this was going to be her year. Fifth ... more
    • I'm just here for the salad - Armaan Bansal, Fri Jul 28 23:35
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