I'm not familiar
Sat Aug 5, 2017 20:04

“I am relatively certain Holland is not a pumpkin,” Rose said dryly in response to Myffi’s confusion, spending a moment feeling superior in her understanding of how things worked. Admittedly, Rose would be just as lost without Holland to explain the gender thing (which Rose also didn’t entirely buy into, she’d never met someone else with the gender thing and Holland was definitely a wingnut anyway, but she had been friends with Holland for years which came with a certain amount of knowledge and tolerance. “They just aren’t a boy or a girl.” Rose nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders, giving off an air of self-assurance. “You have to say they instead of he or she and them instead of him or her. It’s not that hard.”

The sixth year’s hazel eyes scanned the newcomer, tensely waiting for her response. Rose and Holland weren’t close, but as the kerfuffle last term had demonstrated, Rose still wasn’t about to let people give them shit for their weirdness. Holland was a weirdo; Holland was their weirdo. It was kind of like Emmett. He was kind of pathetic and tended to follow the sixth years (usually Marissa or Holland) around like a puppy, but at the end of the day he was their puppy. Rose wouldn’t stand for anyone messing with him, either. And as the last year had demonstrated, she was pretty equipped to back up her feelings with her wand - or fists. She didn’t feel as confident with martial arts as she had before leaving for the summer, though. Rose had yet to join Ruben at one of his practices and hadn’t worked at all over the summer. Her usual conditioning, sure, but without someone to practice with she had felt a bit stupid on her own.

Wait hang on - this new kid was some sort of vegan organic Welsh hippie and she didn’t know about weird gender stuff? Rose would have thought that was exactly the sort of person who would be aware of people like Holland. Not that Holland was a hippy; they did a lot of hippie-like things but that was mostly because they had a conspiracy theory for pretty much everything. Still, what kind of fake weirdo was Myffi to not know about that?

  • It's called realism - Myffi, Fri Jul 28 14:53
    Everything about Pearl Street sounded amazing. Myfanwy had literally never been so excited about anything in her whole entire life, except maybe when she found out she was a witch, and then maybe... more
    • I'm not familiar - Rose, Sat Aug 5 20:04
      • I'll teach you - Myffi, Sun Aug 6 10:52
        Myfanwy assumed they were now talking about a student named Holland (she could be wrong, she wasn't certain she was following this conversation all that well). Rose said, “They just aren’t a boy or a ... more
        • I'm wary of your instruction - Rose, Tue Aug 8 17:19
          Out of nowhere, fake-weirdo hippie girl started asking questions about - Holland’s parts ? Rose was, unusually, stunned into silence. She had known Holland for five years and hadn’t once thought... more
          • Why? - Myffi, Wed Aug 9 09:52
            Rose said classes were ‘okay’ but she didn't sound very sure about that. Maybe she really liked school and was trying not to sound like a swot, or maybe she was really really bad at classes and she... more
            • New girl wasn’t interested in being an Animagus, which took her down a few notches in Rose’s eyes. She also seemed to think being an Animagus wasn’t useful, which Rose took to mean that she clearly... more
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