I hate to break it to you, but you're a bit odd
Thu Aug 10, 2017 05:51

New girl wasn’t interested in being an Animagus, which took her down a few notches in Rose’s eyes. She also seemed to think being an Animagus wasn’t useful, which Rose took to mean that she clearly hadn’t thought the situation through. Rose could think of several situations in which it would be useful for people to not know that an animal near them was actual a human, although she would admit that would probably depend on your form. On the other hand, even the ‘less useful’ forms (sea creatures, probably) had their merits. A squid, for example, seemed like the ideal animal for exploring the depths or communicating with merpeople. Well, Rose wasn’t entirely sure if merpeople could talk to squids but from what she’d learned in Magizoobotany, it was a good shot that they could. In addition to her interest in regular magic, the sixth year had a strong curiosity about non-human magic. She could definitely see herself taking some classes about it in University, if it fit into her schedule.

However, Rose had already established that new girl wasn’t worth acknowledging entirely, so she managed to ignore the comment about Animagi.

“Not yet,” Rose responded to Myffi’s question. “I’m due to start the ritual that will let me find out in October. It takes a month and is a little complicated, plus it involves a Potion which I’ll probably ask Rob to help with. I’m not taking Potions - just Magizoobotany, Spellwork, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Arithmancy. Which, by the way,” the girl added, stirring her granola a little pointedly, “is more like the math of magic with some projections about the future. It’s much more practical than Divinations.”

If Rose had time in her schedule, it was likely she would have picked up Ancient Runes as well. However, between Quidditch, supplementary exercising for Quidditch, her job, working on becoming an Animagus, and maintaining top marks in all of her courses, Rose didn’t have extra time for classes that weren’t necessarily useful. Arithmancy helped her understand Spellwork more, Spellwork was obvious, Defense was just application of Spellwork, and Magizoobotany - well, she had an interest in magical creatures and plants, even though she didn’t have an interest in Potions. Honestly, the fact that she wasn’t particularly talented at Potions had contributed to her decision to drop the class in her fourth year. It wasn’t that she was bad at it, but maintaining an O in the class had required more work than she was willing to put into something that wasn’t Spellwork.

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    Rose said classes were ‘okay’ but she didn't sound very sure about that. Maybe she really liked school and was trying not to sound like a swot, or maybe she was really really bad at classes and she... more
    • I hate to break it to you, but you're a bit odd - Rose, Thu Aug 10 05:51
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