Armaan Bansal
"Group mop king"
Sat Aug 19, 2017 00:55

Weekend mornings were nice because nobody expected anything from you. And if anyone forgot the memo and tried to get you to do things anyway, you could reasonably give them death glares until they went away. It was glorious. Usually, at least. Unfortunately today was a Sunday and Armaan had a magizoobotany assignment due the next day, so he’d convinced himself that getting up early to work on it was a good idea.

The assignment itself wasn’t terrible: Professor Bennett, being Professor Bennett, had decided students needed to tap into their creative side more and so had told everyone to show up to class with a short story that mentioned at least ten plants or creatures, featured three different geographic regions, and brought up at least three points they’d learned during the term thus far. The story itself wasn’t going to be a problem, but meeting the requirements was. So far the Aquila had written eight pages about a good cop/bad cop duo trying to solve the disappearance of an occamy and had failed to mention any other creatures thus far.

Armaan had woken up at eight with the plan of getting to work at nine but now it was somehow eleven and he had yet to finish his cereal. He was slumped at a booth, eyes mostly closed, his Rainbow Cauldrons growing soggier by the minute. His milk was essentially sludge at this point, saturated by sugar, and had turned an unfortunate brownish purple color from the various cauldron shades. In his rush to be responsible, Armaan had managed to get his shirt on backwards which led to him scratching the label every few with an irritated frown.

The boy was a mess, but his grades were as good as could be expected given his track record, and really that was above the expectations he’d started term with considering it was his last year. Armaan was just about to doze off as he felt someone sit down at the booth opposite him. Rather than opening his eyes, he took another bite of cereal and mumbled something that sounded more like “group mop king” than “good morning”. Close enough.

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