Headmaster Rey Bonilla
Family Feast!
Mon Sep 11, 2017 07:05

The Finer Diner completely decked out for the Holidays. There were at least a dozen Christmas trees, mistletoe hung in the doorway, streamers of red and green crisscrossed the Diner. The normal lights were dimmed and golden lights glisten from the ceiling while snow fell gently. It disappeared the moment it touched something solid. Instrumental Christmas music played softly all around the Diner. Instead of the small tables all around there was a large round table which had a tablecloth of green and red. The place settings were all a golden colour to match the lights.

On the outskirts of the Diner away from the large dinner table were stations. One was a fireplace with large cosy overstuffed chairs. Another was a couple of Wizarding Chess boards charmed to have Christmas players. Yet, another was a crafting station where one could make a wreath that sang every time the door opened, or a stocking which filled slowly until Christmas day. The final station had doors around it simply to not disturb anyone, the families could sing carols together.

There were also signs for the families who wanted to leave the diner pointing them to move fun activities. The families that wanted to enjoy a snow-filled time, would emerge on the Quidditch Pitch that was currently covered in snow for sledging, snow angels, building snowmen, and even a roped off area for a snow fight. This had been put up at the start of the Holiday break and would stay that way until Term resumed. There was also the choice to enjoy Muggle Christmas movies in the Cultural Studies room, that was currently charmed to look like a Muggle Movie Theater, there was even fresh popcorn and cocoa for them.

Reynaldo smiled as he ushered in his family. This term Beatriz was staying at her school so it was just his two younger brothers Javier, Diego, and his beautiful wife Maricela. Reynaldo wore a red dress shirt with a silver tie. The two boys wore black dress shirts and pants with a bowtie. Diago wore a green one, while Javier wore a red bowtie. Maricela wore a green dress and black heels. Maricela loved dressing her family in the newest fashions and she didn’t care if her form-fitting dress made others uncomfortable, even if that person was her husband.

The Family Feast was held on December 22nd at six pm. Parents could take their children home right after dinner or they were always welcome to stay through the 27th, in the quarters that were only opened during this time of year. He had sent out all the invitations to current students families and the alumni themselves. Rey wasn’t sure why alumni would come but it seemed to be a tradition here at RMI for some of them to come.

At six twenty Reynold got the nod from the Head House Elf, Kizzy, who was wearing a festive Santa hat, to start the dinner. “Welcome, welcome!” Rey cried happily. “It is so nice to see everyone gathered here for this feast. After dinner, there will be a bit of dancing and festive fun so feel free to stay and enjoy the evening. And without further ado, let’s eat!” and with those words, the food appeared on the table.

Rey smiled as he sat down he filled his plate with some pasta. “Alfredo?” he asked the person next to him holding the bowl out to them.

All immediate families of registered students and all alums will have received an owl inviting them to attend the Family Feast. Families are also invited to stay in a special set of quarters arranged for them through 27 December but must leave campus after that date. Please feel free to post your students and their families here! If you need to coordinate with someone else to do this, I suggest first checking out the Chatzy before posting on the OOC board; chances are you’ll get a more rapid answer.

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