Nolan Ramsey
Getting the lay of the land
Sat Sep 16, 2017 20:14

On the one hand, Nolan hadn’t wanted to be displaced from his home and his horses to come to a school underground, thank you very much. But on the other hand, home was chaos right now because Uncle Felix was dead and Uncle Virgil was in jail and the Ramsey grandparents were on the ranch.

For Nolan’s whole life, his parents kept to themselves from the family. Like, they always went when there were parties and other obligations, but they usually left early. Nolan’s dad was pretty mild-mannered and could only handle his family for about two hours at a time—three if there was dessert—so the current situation with Sylvanus Ramsey suddenly being the heir wasn’t going well. They had thought it would go to Virgil’s son, Nolan’s cousin Hipparchus, but from what Nolan had overheard his parents saying, apparently you didn’t get to be the heir if your father allegedly (they still had to say allegedly but there wasn’t much doubt, was there?) murdered the real heir.

Nolan was just not thinking about all that. Being shipped off to an underground bunker/boarding school was a fantastic distraction. Ha. He wasn’t all that impressed so far, but he didn’t dislike it either. He’d been “sorted” into Aquila House, although he couldn’t figure out what the point of the Houses were. Everyone took all the same classes regardless of House, so as far as Nolan could tell, the House just affected where you lived and what your robes looked like. At least he didn’t have a roommate, unlike some of the other students. He liked other people just fine, but he needed his own space too. Also he hadn’t had to talk about the leg thing so far (except that the counselor had said to talk to him or the Aquila Head of House if he needed accommodations), which was good. It was a boring conversation for Nolan; there were only so many times you could answer dumb questions about limbs before you got tired of it.

He’d come to school a day early to “get settled in,” and now that it had been a couple days Nolan thought he had the lay of the land. At the very least, he managed to get to the Finer Diner without getting lost or asking for directions. Pleased to see that his navigation skills still worked when he was in nondescript corridors instead of fields, Nolan approached a table that only had one person sitting at it. He wanted to meet his new schoolmates, since he was apparently going to be here for a while, but interrupting a group of friends having a meal seemed like a good way to start off on the wrong foot.

Nolan liked to joke that he couldn’t start off on the wrong foot because his literal only option was to start on the right foot. Mom hated that joke. She was not a fan of amputee humor.

“Hey, can I sit with you?” the redhead asked, indicating an empty chair. He had a slight accent courtesy of Oklahoma, but Nolan thought it was more of a twang than a drawl. “I’m new, and I lost my copy of the seating chart,” he joked. Of course, sitting with someone who had decided to be a loner meant you ran the risk of eating with a real weirdo, but Nolan didn’t think of that until after he sat down, so whatever, too late.

    • I can help! - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Sep 17 13:04
      Going to the commune in California for midterm had been really interesting. For one thing it wasn't even cold there, not like back home in Wales when they'd been snowed in for days at a time over... more
      • Do you have a map? - Nolan, Sun Sep 17 15:10
        Nolan sat down. The movement was a little awkward, because prosthetics were designed specifically to malfunction at inopportune moments. His leg didn’t malfunction per se, but even with the... more
        • Maps? Where we're going we don't need maps - Myfanwy, Sun Sep 17 16:32
          The boy joined her at the table, which made Myfanwy smile wider, although then he took a cheeseburger, and her expression fell a little. She couldn’t stop people from eating meat, and she didn’t... more
          • Where are we going? - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 01:42
            “ Of course it’s still a cookie, ” the girl said, and then listed several things that did not sound like cookie ingredients. Well, okay, oats and raisins made sense. Rice and sunflowers, not so much. ... more
            • There's no knowing where we're going - Myffi, Mon Sep 18 05:59
              She beamed when he seemed to enjoy the cookie, although he was adamant that it wasn’t a cookie. Myffi chuckled lightly as she acquiesced, “Fine, snackjacks it is.” She left the paper bag open on the... more
              • A map would help with that - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 12:54
                While Myffi was talking about RMI, Nolan continued eating his cheeseburger. It was good, but it would’ve been better with deep-fried pickles. Or just normal pickles. Nolan didn’t see any on the table ... more
                • Apparently Myffi had been ambiguous. She’s meant to ask Nolan about why he’d come to RMI, not whether he habitually rode a broomstick. It was totally useful information to have about a person of... more
                  • They were now off the subject that led down a road toward him talking about his fratricidal family, and on a road that meant he got to talk about his horses. Good. “It’s the same principle as normal... more
                    • The undiscovered parts might be better - Myffi, Wed Sep 20 14:22
                      “That’s a lot of horses,” Myffi understated. She couldn’t even imagine how big this ranch was, but forty horses was a lot of horses, especially for ones with wings, because, well, they were bigger.... more
                      • We’ll have to be explorers - Nolan, Fri Sep 22 09:58
                        “Nah, we just use boundary spells. They go up about five miles above the ranch. So the horses can fly around all they want in the borders but the air gets, like, thicker if they try to leave without... more
                        • I'm in - Myffi, Sun Sep 24 11:41
                          Myffi was relieved to discovered that winged horses didn't need their wings clipped to stay in a ranch. She'd never considered boundary charms, but then she'd never had a reason to. You had to be... more
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