Do you have a map?
Sun Sep 17, 2017 15:10

Nolan sat down. The movement was a little awkward, because prosthetics were designed specifically to malfunction at inopportune moments. His leg didn’t malfunction per se, but even with the enchantments to make it act like a real leg it was still not the best at bending movements. Still, it beat using the crutches in terms of looking like a biped. He was faster on crutches and didn’t have to mess with uncooperative fake joints, but at the cost of first impressions. No thanks.

The girl at the table wasn’t American but that was as far as Nolan could guess from her accent. It was like British but not. Well, ‘international’ was in the school’s name. They probably had people from all over. Nolan knew Britain had its own magic school that used to be in the IWCE (it had been discussed as a place to send Nolan, but apparently they didn’t take Americans in the middle of the school year or something, and also Nolan hadn’t wanted to leave Oklahoma let alone the country) but maybe there was some reason not to go there even if you were British.

His tablemate hadn’t taken any food but Nolan was hungry so he grabbed a cheeseburger off the plate in the middle of the table and took a bite. It was a good burger, but not, like, in the top twenty burgers he’d ever eaten. At home his mother made burgers after Nolan and his dad went hunting, and she mixed green onions, bacon, mustard, and egg yolks in with the ground elk or venison before they grilled them. And she fried pickles to put on top of the burgers and the cheese melted all over them and now he wanted to eat one, dang. He’d have to settle for the normal cheeseburger he had.

It was really nice of her to offer him a cookie. He was going to accept but then she described it. Nolan didn’t bake but he was pretty sure that cookies needed flour and sugar and eggs and milk. “But those are all the things that go in a cookie,” he said, curiously peering into the bag. “If you don’t put them in, then is it even still a cookie?”

  • I can help! - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Sep 17 13:04
    Going to the commune in California for midterm had been really interesting. For one thing it wasn't even cold there, not like back home in Wales when they'd been snowed in for days at a time over... more
    • Do you have a map? - Nolan, Sun Sep 17 15:10
      • Maps? Where we're going we don't need maps - Myfanwy, Sun Sep 17 16:32
        The boy joined her at the table, which made Myfanwy smile wider, although then he took a cheeseburger, and her expression fell a little. She couldn’t stop people from eating meat, and she didn’t... more
        • Where are we going? - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 01:42
          “ Of course it’s still a cookie, ” the girl said, and then listed several things that did not sound like cookie ingredients. Well, okay, oats and raisins made sense. Rice and sunflowers, not so much. ... more
          • There's no knowing where we're going - Myffi, Mon Sep 18 05:59
            She beamed when he seemed to enjoy the cookie, although he was adamant that it wasn’t a cookie. Myffi chuckled lightly as she acquiesced, “Fine, snackjacks it is.” She left the paper bag open on the... more
            • A map would help with that - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 12:54
              While Myffi was talking about RMI, Nolan continued eating his cheeseburger. It was good, but it would’ve been better with deep-fried pickles. Or just normal pickles. Nolan didn’t see any on the table ... more
              • Apparently Myffi had been ambiguous. She’s meant to ask Nolan about why he’d come to RMI, not whether he habitually rode a broomstick. It was totally useful information to have about a person of... more
                • They were now off the subject that led down a road toward him talking about his fratricidal family, and on a road that meant he got to talk about his horses. Good. “It’s the same principle as normal... more
                  • The undiscovered parts might be better - Myffi, Wed Sep 20 14:22
                    “That’s a lot of horses,” Myffi understated. She couldn’t even imagine how big this ranch was, but forty horses was a lot of horses, especially for ones with wings, because, well, they were bigger.... more
                    • We’ll have to be explorers - Nolan, Fri Sep 22 09:58
                      “Nah, we just use boundary spells. They go up about five miles above the ranch. So the horses can fly around all they want in the borders but the air gets, like, thicker if they try to leave without... more
                      • I'm in - Myffi, Sun Sep 24 11:41
                        Myffi was relieved to discovered that winged horses didn't need their wings clipped to stay in a ranch. She'd never considered boundary charms, but then she'd never had a reason to. You had to be... more
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