There's no knowing where we're going
Mon Sep 18, 2017 05:59

She beamed when he seemed to enjoy the cookie, although he was adamant that it wasn’t a cookie. Myffi chuckled lightly as she acquiesced, “Fine, snackjacks it is.” She left the paper bag open on the table in case he decided to eat any more. She’d bet they tasted better than the cheeseburger, and they were certainly a lot less likely to clog his arteries and lead to many life-threatening illnesses associated with a diet of grease and beef.

Nolan introduced himself with a handshake. The fifth year had always considered this a strange way to greet people for the first time, as it necessitated physical contact. That wasn’t usually something she was keen to do on meeting a complete stranger, but then lots of customs and traditions didn’t make sense over time. She shook Nolan’s hand anyway, and was relieved that his hand wasn’t too warm or sweaty or anything else gross. It was a nice hand shake overall. And he complimented her cookies snackjacks. “Fifth year Lyra,” she continued beaming as she added on her own year and House a little late to her introduction, because Nolan had done that, too. As he pointed to the crest on his robes, it obviously drew Myffi’s attention to the fact that he was wearing them. “The professors don’t seem to mind if we don’t wear robes all the time,” she explained her own lack of them. “Most like you to keep them on in classes, and some students wear them all the time, anyway,” mostly in the younger years, “so, you know, you do what you like. I personally find the colour a bit dull.”

Then Nolan asked about the school, and Myffi took a moment to consider the second part of the question first. “I think so,” she said, with her head to the side. “I mean there’s some stuff that I’m not at all keen on, like the potions professor, Rob, he won’t let me use vegan alternatives in class so he keeps trying to fail me even though my written work is good,” (although sometimes Myffi felt like she’d been graded down because she’d added extra research about planet-friendly substitutions, which really ought to count for extra credit, not a lower grade), “and nobody has been able to confirm whether the food used here,” she gestured to the plates on the table, “is organic and fairly traded or even that the eggs are free range, so I have to do a lot of my own cooking and things, which is a bit frustrating, but generally I like it.” Those were the worst parts.

“Like the classes are really interesting and so far all the people seem lovely,” although Leo maybe could do with a cheering charm and apparently the sixth years had done some fighting last term but Myffi didn’t know much about that, only what Heather had told her. Heather was lovely. Myffi thought maybe she’d try being better friends with her, because Heather’s roommate seemed a bit peculiar so maybe she’d want someone else to talk to anyway. She seemed to like talking. “There’s lots of clubs and things to do as well. I’m totally going to start an agriculture club this year, I already asked about it before midterm.”

“It’s just quite different, I suppose. I’ve been trying really hard to learn to fly on a broomstick,” she thought of an example, “because that’s something I never did at home. I grew up in Wales,” she explained, on the off-chance he didn’t recognise her regional accent, “but my family moved to California at the end of the summer so that’s why I came here. How about you?”

  • Where are we going? - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 01:42
    “ Of course it’s still a cookie, ” the girl said, and then listed several things that did not sound like cookie ingredients. Well, okay, oats and raisins made sense. Rice and sunflowers, not so much. ... more
    • There's no knowing where we're going - Myffi, Mon Sep 18 05:59
      • A map would help with that - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 12:54
        While Myffi was talking about RMI, Nolan continued eating his cheeseburger. It was good, but it would’ve been better with deep-fried pickles. Or just normal pickles. Nolan didn’t see any on the table ... more
        • Apparently Myffi had been ambiguous. She’s meant to ask Nolan about why he’d come to RMI, not whether he habitually rode a broomstick. It was totally useful information to have about a person of... more
          • They were now off the subject that led down a road toward him talking about his fratricidal family, and on a road that meant he got to talk about his horses. Good. “It’s the same principle as normal... more
            • The undiscovered parts might be better - Myffi, Wed Sep 20 14:22
              “That’s a lot of horses,” Myffi understated. She couldn’t even imagine how big this ranch was, but forty horses was a lot of horses, especially for ones with wings, because, well, they were bigger.... more
              • We’ll have to be explorers - Nolan, Fri Sep 22 09:58
                “Nah, we just use boundary spells. They go up about five miles above the ranch. So the horses can fly around all they want in the borders but the air gets, like, thicker if they try to leave without... more
                • I'm in - Myffi, Sun Sep 24 11:41
                  Myffi was relieved to discovered that winged horses didn't need their wings clipped to stay in a ranch. She'd never considered boundary charms, but then she'd never had a reason to. You had to be... more
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