What is a map but a space beyond which There Be Dragons?
Tue Sep 19, 2017 15:10

Apparently Myffi had been ambiguous. She’s meant to ask Nolan about why he’d come to RMI, not whether he habitually rode a broomstick. It was totally useful information to have about a person of course, whether or not they rode a broomstick, and so whether they might like broomstick racing or Quidditch or just spectating or not doing it at all, but she was relatively certain that knowing why someone would be transferring into their fourth year might be more interesting and more informative than just knowing how much they liked to fly on a broomstick.

On the other hand, riding flying horses was definitely more interesting than riding a broomstick. “Oh wow, winged horses, wow that’s different,” she said, sounding interested. “I’ve ridden lots of horses, but all the regular, non-winged kind,” she chuckled. “And your family has a whole ranch? That’s amazing. My family’s never owned more than the occasional cat and a whole lot of chickens.” They’d sometimes had rabbits digging in the garden but whenever they had chickens around the foxes that came would usually scare off the rabbits.

Myfanwy finished up her snackjack and swallowed another mouthful of water to wash it down. Even moist cookies could have a dehydrating effect when eaten, and her snackjacks were a bit crumbly. She blamed the rice flour; gluten was pretty good at holding things together, and it was something she was usually happy to include in her own diet, but these cookies were designed so that just about everyone could eat them. She would always share if the opportunity presented itself, and see, Nolan took a cookie and now she knew that his family had a ranch of winged horses in Oklahoma.

“So you don’t have a roommate, then,” she surmised, from what she could remember about the other students in Aquila House. “I don’t, either. But the people in the rooms next to mine are really nice, so maybe it’s better to have your own space with friends nearby?” She didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter, but the arrangement had been working out for her so far. “They’ve been great helping me to feel at home. Oh, so yes,” she probably should have voiced this already, but late was definitely better than never, “if there’s anything I can help you with, I’ll totally do my best.” Myffi smiled widely. “Is there anything I can help you with right now?”

  • A map would help with that - Nolan, Mon Sep 18 12:54
    While Myffi was talking about RMI, Nolan continued eating his cheeseburger. It was good, but it would’ve been better with deep-fried pickles. Or just normal pickles. Nolan didn’t see any on the table ... more
    • What is a map but a space beyond which There Be Dragons? - Myffi, Tue Sep 19 15:10
      • They were now off the subject that led down a road toward him talking about his fratricidal family, and on a road that meant he got to talk about his horses. Good. “It’s the same principle as normal... more
        • The undiscovered parts might be better - Myffi, Wed Sep 20 14:22
          “That’s a lot of horses,” Myffi understated. She couldn’t even imagine how big this ranch was, but forty horses was a lot of horses, especially for ones with wings, because, well, they were bigger.... more
          • We’ll have to be explorers - Nolan, Fri Sep 22 09:58
            “Nah, we just use boundary spells. They go up about five miles above the ranch. So the horses can fly around all they want in the borders but the air gets, like, thicker if they try to leave without... more
            • I'm in - Myffi, Sun Sep 24 11:41
              Myffi was relieved to discovered that winged horses didn't need their wings clipped to stay in a ranch. She'd never considered boundary charms, but then she'd never had a reason to. You had to be... more
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