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Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:41

Myffi was relieved to discovered that winged horses didn't need their wings clipped to stay in a ranch. She'd never considered boundary charms, but then she'd never had a reason to. You had to be pretty good at charms, she considered, to make them that big and that extensive, and obviously you'd have to maintain them too so that the horses didn't escape when the spell began to deteriorate. But also there were sometimes magics that didn't need replenishing in quite the same way, like the weather charms at RMI, and Muggle-repelling charms at other magical buildings. They were sort of location based. She didn't know much about all that but it was really interesting. Perhaps the ranch charms were more like that? It would be an interesting project to investigate, anyway. Myffi enjoyed spellwork, and it was one of the classes she'd had least trouble adjusting to.

“Quintaped?” Myffi repeated in the manner of someone who didn't think she had misheard but the auditory information she'd processed didn't correlate with her expectations. That seemed to indicate the horse had five legs. Which was either very random, or very rude. He sounded pretty, with his black points, potentially over-sized appendage aside.

“Won't you miss doing shows and events and things while you’re at school?” Myffi asked. So far Nolan hadn't mentioned another school, and she was starting to wonder if he had even been to one, or if RMI was his first. Myffi couldn't really empathise if that was the case, because RMI was her first magic school, but she'd been to Muggle school since she was four before that. She still missed stuff while she was away at school though, like her family and her friends. She idly played with one of her friendship bracelets, a token from her school friends back in Wales.

As Nolan agreed to go to Pearl Street with her, Myfanwy continued to smile widely. “There's an ice cream place a lot of the students like,” she suggested a particular attraction he might like to visit. “They do a lemon sorbet that makes your hair curly,” she tugged on her own straight, dark hair, “which is made locally, so I have been thinking about maybe giving that a try.” It probably wasn't organic but at least the ice cream bar and it's sorbet supplier were independent businesses. “They have lots of magical flavours,” she elaborated, “so we can start there if you like?”

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    “Nah, we just use boundary spells. They go up about five miles above the ranch. So the horses can fly around all they want in the borders but the air gets, like, thicker if they try to leave without... more
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