Marissa Kendrick
Ah, love. L-O-V-E.
Mon Oct 9, 2017 18:27

Marissa was Fine.

This side of term was relatively uneventful so far, which made it even finer than before. She’d come back and given everyone their Christmas presents, just like she’d done since their first year. Marissa shopped for Rose, Holland, Emmett, Danny, and Russell. Rose helped her pick up Kit’s gift. The red-head was not about to go tarantula shopping by herself; Kit wouldn’t have gotten her fancy new spider friend otherwise. So that was a thing that happened.

There were other things, of course, that had happened. She was doing alright in classes. She and Russell were hard at work on their talent show entry. It was nice to do something dance-y with someone who had a style so different from her own. They were working on melding their styles together. There had been talk of song choices, as well as just hanging out in the passageways. She knew Russell’s eyes caused him lots of problems, so it was easier to suggest rehearsing in the passageways instead. Plus, Marissa wasn’t feeling the most social as of late, anyway.

Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten after Quidditch practice. She’d gone straight back to Aquila and showered after putting away the rest of the equipment, then laid in bed for a while. She sighed and quickly threw on a comfortable, forest green off-the-shoulder sweater, pulled on some jeans, tied her shoes, and made her way to the Finer Diner. On the way there, she pulled one of the hair ties Holland had made for her off her wrist and used it to tie her hair into an extremely messy bun.

She liked the hair ties a lot. Holland had found a way to enchant or charm them or something so that they never broke, which meant that she could sometimes wear her hair back now. One got lost in her hair at one point; they were still working on that.

As if by magic (and probably actually by magic), on one of the tables was a sizzling plate of beef fajitas, which is exactly what Marissa wanted right now. She wanted the veggies on the plate more than anything else, and she finished those off first while she did her best not to sit there and mope. Her lipstick, which she had touched up before leaving Aquila, was charmed to stay. The make-up made her feel more self-confident than she really was at the moment, which was nice.

Danny had said he wanted to be with her, if he could figure out everything he was thinking, and then started dating someone he’d never even expressed interest for right after Christmas.

She supported him, because she wanted him to be happy, but that really sucked, and her feelings were hurt. Too bad I can’t get a real margarita around here. That sounds lovely.

As she finished her meal, someone sat across from her and Marissa forced herself to perk up. She was Fine, so she was of course going to welcome whoever it was sitting with her. “Do you want to split the flan?” She asked after she’d swallowed her food. “I’m pretty full, but I can’t let something that looks that delicious go to waste.”

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      • Am I supposed to answer? - Marissa, Sat Oct 21 23:20
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