Drew Tennant
What is life without love?
Tue Oct 10, 2017 22:17

As far as pets went, Drew would rate Darby the Mexican red-knee tarantula as eight out of ten. He didn’t really do tricks (because he was a spider) or cuddle (because if you cuddled him he could get squished), but got a ton of bonus points for being the coolest pet that anyone at RMI had. Cats and owls were pretty regular so they didn’t count, although Darlene’s cat Polly got an honorable mention because her fur had cool colors in it. There was a fifth-year who had a mouse but mouses were about the same level of interesting as Madeleine’s puffskein. Professor Rob had Lapis, but she was a service dog, not a pet, which meant that she knew a lot of tricks, but all of them were for making sure Rob was healthy, not for playing, and you couldn’t pet her. Drew thought that if he was a service dog, he would be really annoyed that all the other dogs could just hang out being dogs while he had to go to work.

Anyway so Darby was really cool to play with but today Kit needed to feed him crickets or whatever in her dorm, which meant that Drew was alone for dinner. Luckily, he spotted Marissa in the Diner almost as soon as he got there. She wasn’t sitting with any of her usual crew, which was kind of odd. Marissa and her roommate Rose were basically inseparable most of the time. Still, since he wouldn’t be interrupting it was okay to sit with Marissa, so Drew grabbed the seat across from hers.

She had her hair tied back, which was impressive. Her hair was almost as curly as Drew’s, but it was way wilder. Like, Drew was pretty sure he would have an afro if he let his hair get long, because it was so curly, but he kept it short so it didn’t matter. Marissa’s hair was crazy curly and it had room to curl all over the place. He was about to say something about it when Marissa asked if he wanted to share the flan.

Drew considered the offer. He was pretty sure he’d never had flan before, but it looked good. It looked kinda like jello, which Drew liked. He and Madeleine and Dad would sometimes make a big flat tray of raspberry jello and then used cookie cutters to cut it into different animal shapes as snacks. And sometimes Dad or Aaron would use magic to animate the jello jigglers and make them run around the tray, and that was always really funny. They were too wobbly to ride straight so they would just bounce around being confused about why they weren’t going where they’d wanted to.

The flan offer sounded like an excuse to have dessert before dinner, and that was never a bad thing. Drew wasn’t supposed to eat dessert first, but his dad wasn’t in the Finer Diner right now and Marissa wouldn’t tell. Also he did want to eat the dinner. The fajita plate was still sizzling, because house elf magic, and it all smelled amazing. There seemed to be extra beef so, like, even better. Also, did it count as eating dessert before dinner if you had them at the same time? Drew thought probably not. “Sure. Flan for two it is.”

He took his portion of the flan, plopping it on one side of his plate. “How’s it going?” Drew asked his cousin, also putting fajitas on his dinner plate. He didn’t mind too much if the beef and peppers and onions touched the flan. Like, it all went to the same place.

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