Am I supposed to answer?
Sat Oct 21, 2017 23:20

How had she missed the fact that it was Drew sitting in front of her?

Seeing Drew at Rocky Mountain International wasn’t new. Him becoming a student hadn’t been as big of a change as it had been when Kit came to the school. They started in the same year, but it only felt like her little sister’s first year. Sometimes, before this year, Drew would eat with her in the Diner. It only happened around dinner time, pretty much, but sharing a plate with him wasn’t anything new. What was new was the understanding that if Kit had heard things about Marissa, Drew probably had, too. And he was way more likely to know what words like “school broomstick” meant.

She didn’t like that she got to think about that, now. The rumors and other people’s opinions didn’t seem to matter that much until her family started going to school.

The red-head smiled anyway while he asked how she was. Awful, really. Danny’s dating someone else so he’s clearly over me, and I’m not over him, which is pretty much the worst feeling ever. Don’t get crushes on your friends, kid; it’ll kill you inside and there’ll be nothing left except fajitas and flan and heartburn.

“Fine,” She answered through a mouthful of dessert, “I ran a couple of new drills at Quidditch practice, which seemed to go over well.” In all honesty, she’d thought lately about giving the team over to Rose. She’d always been better at the captain-like duties, and it would look seriously good on her college applications. Marissa wasn’t sure if Rose had the time, though, and the Kendrick really did love being Quidditch captain. The idea probably came from whatever this new anti-social thing she had going on.

“How’s life with the other younger years?” She smiled a little more, hoping that the subject change away from her happened with ease. “Kit’s not causing too much of a problem with her new pet, right?”

  • What is life without love? - Drew Tennant, Tue Oct 10 22:17
    As far as pets went, Drew would rate Darby the Mexican red-knee tarantula as eight out of ten. He didn’t really do tricks (because he was a spider) or cuddle (because if you cuddled him he could get... more
    • Am I supposed to answer? - Marissa, Sat Oct 21 23:20
      • “That’s cool.” Drew was on the Cetus team, but he wasn’t super invested in Quidditch. His co-Beater, Steven, was really good at the sport (he always seemed to have infinite energy, which was... more
        • Thank Merlin, it seemed like Drew fell for the bait of talking about something else. She’d been a little surprised when he joined the Cetus team. Sure, Drew would play with them when they had pick-up ... more
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