We can just move on to the O-V-E part
Wed Nov 1, 2017 00:06

“That’s cool.” Drew was on the Cetus team, but he wasn’t super invested in Quidditch. His co-Beater, Steven, was really good at the sport (he always seemed to have infinite energy, which was impressive considering the Beating drills they did—Drew was sometimes too tired for anything besides a shower and a nap after practice) and he was a funny guy, even if he was a little awkward sometimes.

For a Quidditch team, which presumably would have more jocks, there were a lot of pretty awkward people. Their Seeker, Russell, was even more awkward than Steven, but he was pretty good at Seeking and he was Marissa’s friend so Drew would give him the benefit of the doubt. Dade’s brother Connor didn’t really seem to like anyone. And then there was Huburt, who was actually a pretty good Chaser but he kept trying to boss Elijah around about plays and coaching, which was so uncool. First-years who got most of their Quidditch knowledge from books shouldn’t tell seventh-year captains what to do.

“Well, it’s Kit, and now she has a tarantula sidekick, so like, I don’t think there’s a non-trouble option,” Drew said, amused. “There was this whole thing with her roommate so now Dad says Kit has to keep Darby in his cage.” Darby the tarantula was probably the coolest thing that had ever happened, but there had been a couple of problems because Darlene was scared of spiders. Drew wasn’t scared of spiders but he could like, kind of get why someone would be. Some spiders could move really fast and jump and stuff, and that was startling when it happened.

Also apparently some people didn’t like that spiders had a lot of legs, but Drew didn’t really get how that was worse than other numbers of legs. Like, a four-legged spider would probably be way scarier than an eight-legged spider, because if you saw a four-legged spider, it had probably survived a few fights or something. It’d be all tough and limping around and that would be kinda creepy, probably.

“But like there haven’t been any big problems.” Being Kit’s best-friend-slash-cousin was super fun but it sometimes also meant being, like, her handler, because without someone like Drew around she would probably accidentally poison herself by licking the wrong thing. “Darby is awesome. Best Christmas present ever. And, uh, everything else is good.” There was never really a lot going on in the lower years. They didn’t have duels and fights and relationships and secret parties and stuff. “You upper years have all the drama,” he added with a grin.

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    • We can just move on to the O-V-E part - Drew, Wed Nov 1 00:06
      • Thank Merlin, it seemed like Drew fell for the bait of talking about something else. She’d been a little surprised when he joined the Cetus team. Sure, Drew would play with them when they had pick-up ... more
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