Rose & Connor Farnon
Oh where, oh where did my comfort zone go?
Sat Nov 4, 2017 13:20

“Connor this is ridiculous,” Rose grumbled for the third time that day, sitting across from Connor and helping herself to another chip from the helping she’d placed on her plate. Dade had disappeared somewhere, to do whatever Dade did in his free time, but not before making sure that Rose was going to make sure that Connor ate food. Whether or not Dade had eaten himself was a question that Rose quickly found herself asking to thin air and finishing with a sigh. She really needed to talk to Dade, but she couldn’t corner her youngest brother because she was busy babysitting the middle Farnon.

The reason Dade had brought Rose into the equation was because he was apparently sick of bringing Connor meals in Cetus. It wasn’t every meal or even every day, but apparently Connor was spending enough time avoiding the Diner that it had successfully irritated Dade enough to break the I’m-not-talking-to-you stalemate that had emerged following his discussion with Holland.

“I have Quidditch practise soon,” the sixth-year continued, looking at Connor in exasperation.

Connor was silently eating a grilled cheese that he had removed from the serving plate on the table. Presumably through some form of magic, the sandwiches were just the perfect amount of warm - enough that the cheese was still gooey, but not enough that he was burning his mouth. Which was good, because all he wanted to do was eat quickly and then leave. He was a little annoyed at Dade for getting Rose involved, but a little relieved that Rose was involved. After all, despite everything that Connor felt about how appropriately Rose failed to act at school, he knew that his sister scared a lot of people and he was not above using that to his advantage. Plus, as far as Connor could tell, Dade hadn’t told Rose exactly what was going on.

To be fair, Connor hadn’t told Dade what was going on; Dade had guessed, after seeing both Connor and Marley run out of Spellwork the day that everything had gotten extra horrible. Both Claudia and Dade had asked him (separately) what was going on, but Dade refused to accept the answer of ‘Marley was acting particularly obnoxiously’ (which was true) and instead pushed until, like a typical annoying little brother, he guessed that Marley had asked Connor out. On top of that, Professor McKindy had apparently told Mr. Tennant about the situation in Spellwork, and Mr. Tennant had called Connor in to his office. After threatening him with ‘peer mediation’ - or in other words, being trapped in an enclosed space with the terror that was Marley Chapman - Mr. Tennant had told Connor to have a discussion with Marley about boundaries and had left it at that. Connor felt that was particularly cruel and unusual but he supposed he shouldn’t have expected any better from someone like that.

As Connor finished chewing and looked at his older sister. She was wearing a black skirt with a yellow-orange top (a colour Connor found repulsive), and the ugly pair of boots Connor knew for a fact had not been purchased with their father’s permission. Inexplicably, Rose was also wearing earrings, dangly gold with little roses on the end. Rose almost never wore anything with a rose on it; she found that sort of thing irritating. Well, regardless.

“You’re not exactly dressed for Quidditch,” he said pointedly.

Rose rolled her eyes. “That’s why I need to leave,” she said. “To get ready. And then go to practise.” Seeing the look on Connor’s face - clear disapproval - she continued. “Trust me, Connor, you wouldn’t want me walking around in my workout clothes either.”

The third-year shifted uncomfortably. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. Connor was about to make a comment, when the focus of Rose’s eyes shifted to something over his shoulder. Or someone, he realized, as she greeted whoever it was with a bright ‘hello’.

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