Remington Burnham
Highway to the comfort zone
Tue Nov 7, 2017 19:58

“Catapult, come on, the leash is not a toy.”

Remington repeated this statement for probably the third time. Catapult was done being locked up in the Draco commons today, which the second year couldn’t blame the kitten for, so she’d put her feline friend in her harness and leash. They were supposed to go from Draco to the Finer Diner. Remington wanted something to eat even though food was making her feel weird lately, and then she planned on finding an open space to play with the cat.

They used to play in the Rec Center, but they had to put a stop to that. Catapult decided to try swimming last time they were there, which meant that Remington had to get in the pool to save her stupid cat. Remington didn’t like swimming; she barely knew how to swim. Plus, Catapult loved messing with the wizard chess set. It wouldn’t surprise her if the chess set attacked the kitten the next time she tried to knock over one of the pawns with an excited little paw. It didn’t seem like that big a deal, but a couple of the pieces had tiny swords. Remington wasn’t interested in finding out if those things could do some damage.

Anyway, Catapult was pretty good at walking on a leash now. And by pretty good, Remington meant ‘Catapult could walk a few feet before pouncing on the leash and holding on for dear life while the Draco dragged her across the floor before noticing.’ This led to a lot of sighing and lecturing before Catapult let go of the sparkly gold leash, and then the cycle would begin again. This happened at least four more times before the two made it to the Finer Diner.

Remington hoped she’d find Dade in the Diner so they could play with Catapult together. She knew her friend liked cats, and she thought that playing with Catapult might fix whatever was wrong with his attitude lately. She was thinking of going to the Pitch and levitating different things for Catapult to try and catch. It would be fun, and they could practice some of the new Spellwork incantations they learned that week. Maybe they could get Catapult to chase color changing bubbles around the Pitch!

She didn’t see Dade, but she did see his older siblings. Remington felt a lot of curiosity about the older Farnons. She didn’t have any siblings of her own, but she imagined that if she did, she’d talk about them a lot more than Dade did. Or she’d want to spend time with them. Maybe they just weren’t a close family. It might be a pureblood thing; Remington had no way of knowing that, either. She had plenty of cousins at home on her dad’s side, and that was close enough for her. She loved her TiTi Roshanée and highly suspected that her preschool baby cousin, Amani, was a Muggleborn.

Right, she wanted to know where Dade was. Maybe the older Farnons would know after all.

The darker skinned girl made her way over to the two older students. Her kinky brown hair was held back in one of her usual charmed bows. This one was super-duper big with black glitter that seemed to sparkle like Christmas lights instead of glitter. Her fuzzy pink sweater and brown skirt was complimented by ombre black to white leggings and white sneakers with daisies all over. She’d put on eyeshadow with a pallet her mom sent with her most recent letter, and she hoped the colors looked nice. After staring at her eyeliner for a solid thirty seconds, she’d chickened out and went with a quick sweep of mascara. She smiled back at Rose when the older girl said hello.

“Hi,” Remy waved almost shyly at the two of them, “Have you seen Dade? I was gonna go to the Pitch and thought maybe he’d want to go with me, but I dunno where he is.” While Remington asked about her friend, Catapult took the opportunity to jump onto the table and reach a tiny paw out towards Connor’s grilled cheese. It looked like either a good snack or something fun to knock off of the table; either way, she hoped all of the humans were distracted!

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