But we didn't get to say that O is for "Oh, Wow"
Sat Nov 11, 2017 22:43

Thank Merlin, it seemed like Drew fell for the bait of talking about something else. She’d been a little surprised when he joined the Cetus team. Sure, Drew would play with them when they had pick-up games, but he’d never been super passionate about the whole thing. It was fun, that much was true, but joining a team was a lot of work and dedication. Granted, most of the Cetus team was full of surprises. Marissa absolutely supported Russell as Seeker, but there had to be a sport that was less dangerous for him. She didn’t mean “hit by a bludger” dangerous; she meant “Quidditch happened outside in a lot of light and that couldn’t be comfortable for her friend” dangerous. She was not going to be the person who told disabled people what they could or could not do, though. Marissa knew enough to realize that that was something they decided for themselves. No one needed her opinion on the subject.

They didn’t dwell on the Quidditch thing, which was good. It’d be really easy to run out of things to talk about pretty quickly with that. Instead, Drew started talking about Kit and Darby. She didn’t necessarily regret giving the tarantula to Kit. Marissa didn’t like spiders all that much, but it made her little sister happy. Hopefully, whenever they were home, Darby would stay in his (her? Marissa never checked) space and out of the Aquila’s. There had to be some kind of tarantula repellant charm she could set up at home that wouldn’t harm the critter. Aaron would probably know.

The news that Darby had to stay in a cage, then, was both welcome and unwelcome. Darby had a cage, excellent. Kit would probably want to give Darby as much time out of that cage once they were home as possible. That was less excellent.

I’m gonna have to ask Aaron about that charm sooner rather than later.

Damn, the subject came back to the upper years. Did Drew do that on purpose? Clever kid. “It’s pretty quiet with us right now, I think,” she said with a mostly believable shrug, “Even if we did, drama isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” If she had any more drama, she might just crawl into one of the secret passageways and never come out.

But, right, she was fine. People who were fine didn’t have thoughts like that. “Come on, there’s gotta be something brewing with you younger years.” Marissa grinned, switching the subject right back to Drew. “You have to have something going on. Any first crushes yet?”

  • “That’s cool.” Drew was on the Cetus team, but he wasn’t super invested in Quidditch. His co-Beater, Steven, was really good at the sport (he always seemed to have infinite energy, which was... more
    • But we didn't get to say that O is for "Oh, Wow" - Marissa, Sat Nov 11 22:43
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