Rose & Connor
Highway to hell?
Tue Nov 21, 2017 09:48

Overall, Rose thought that Remington was a great influence on Dade. The sixth year couldn’t explain why her dour, grumpy little brother was friends with the little ray of sunshine approaching them from behind Connor, but they were, in fact, friends and Rose thought that was just delightful. She had even refrained from teasing Dade about being friends with a girl because she didn’t want to disrupt the delicate balance of Dade actually having a friend. Of course, Marissa’s younger sister claimed that she was also friends with Dade, but Rose found that a little hard to believe and suspected that Kit was telling tall tales again. Not necessarily lying, because Rose was pretty sure that Kit thought she was being honest, but definitely overexaggerating what was actually going on.

On the other hand, Connor disliked Remington and he frowned as he turned around and realized who was talking to them. He thought it was inappropriate for his younger brother to spend so much time with someone like her, and he also thought that her taste in clothes was obnoxious. Her hair was so messy all the time and the ridiculous bows she wore were always tacky and too attention-grabbing, like she needed all eyes on her at all times. Connor found that distasteful. However, despite Connor’s frequent protests, Dade had continued to be close friends with the girl. Why couldn’t Dade be friends with someone appropriate, like Claudia? Not Claudia herself obviously, but someone like her.

“Dade is busy,” Connor said stiffly. Rose rolled her eyes.

“Dade is not busy, he just left,” she said. “He’s probably in the library.” Connor scowled. There was no need for Rose to interfere in Connor’s attempt to separate the two second-years. The boy would have protested further, except the cat - Connor hated cats - that Remington had brought with her suddenly jumped up on the table - one of the reasons Connor hated cats - and started making a move towards his lunch.

“Get off!” Connor yelped, shoving the cat quickly off the table with one hand and then wiping his hand on a napkin. Cats were disgusting and dirty and he had heard that they ate dead people which was even more disgusting and a clear sign that they didn’t like humans anyway. They were the traditional pet of witches and wizards but that was one tradition that Connor was more than willing to do away with. Give him an owl any day. They were still kind of dirty, but at least they served a purpose and typically didn’t try to touch your food with their claws.

“Don’t bring your dirty little pets into the Diner.” he snapped. Typically he would have attempted to be more polite, but his nerves were wearing very thin. Remington already resembled Marley, but at least she was younger so she had to listen to him, unlike his tormenter.

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