It depends on where we want to go from here
Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:23

Daddy always said that white men were fragile. He strongly believed in a select few things, allowing himself the freedom of being open minded and welcoming for most ideas, but this was one thing Remington’s father really felt was true. The Draco could see why. She didn’t know what was wrong with Connor. They’d barely interacted before, but he clearly didn’t like her. He was a well-off pureblood with (apparently) two girls fighting over him or something and two really sweet siblings. For a brief moment, she wondered what could possibly be awful and stressful about being a straight, white, pureblood male in a magical world, then she was distracted because he pushed Catapult off of the table.

Catapult made a squeaky protest meow, hissed at Connor from the ground, and then made her way to the other side of the table. There was a pretty lady human across from the mean, pale gremlin; maybe she’d give Catapult pets and food. It didn’t have to be in that order, either. In the cat’s book, pets and food had equal levels of importance. As long as she got both, she was happy. She tentatively jumped up by Rose and mewed, as if to say, “Look what that jerk did to me, make it better please.”

“Don’t bring your dirty little pets into the Diner.”

“If you can bring your attitude,” Remington replied without thinking, “I can bring my pets. You’re not in charge; your privilege does not intimidate me. I don’t know what your problem is, but you should cool off.” It was really hard not to do some kind of cooling charm, to make the snark into a pun, but she didn’t want to get in trouble for using magic on another student. She folded her arms across her chest instead and decided that ignoring him was probably the best way to go.

The Draco switched her focus to Rose, who seemed nicer than the other Farnon at the table. “Thanks. I’m worried about him, and I thought maybe playing with Catapult would make him less mopey than he’s been lately. I don’t wanna ask, because he’ll tell me when he wants to – so, um, I guess I just wanna know if I’ve done anything? He’s not mad at me, right? Just in one of his moods, but for a long time?”

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