Alena Adler
You sure you don’t want a nice egg?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:51

Alena’s brother Benjamin was probably her favourite person in the whole world. It was a tough call because papa was obviously pretty wonderful too but theirs was a companionship of comfortable silences dominated by hidden smiles and the occasional tickle of a kiss on the cheek as his moustache grazed against her skin. Her relationship with Benjamin was much more active. It was Benjamin who played games with her, sparked her love of kittens and gave her the name, ‘Alena’. They kept up a weekly correspondence and although they mostly talked of nothing more interesting than the weather and the general health of the family, this week Benjamin had shared something much more exciting with her. He had a new crup puppy and had asked if she’d like to name it! He said he was going to breed them which Alena was very excited about as it would mean a constant stream of puppies. She knew if she asked and promised to be super responsible he might even give her one. Papa wouldn’t say no. He hardly ever denied Alena anything (a point of contention between him and her sister).

She supposed she was a textbook case of the spoiled youngest child, and the favoritism had only increased after the passing of maman, but Alena was sure her siblings were exaggerating when they bemoaned papa’s parenting. Alena found their picture of the stern disciplinarian hard to equate with the soft spoken man who let her eat extra dessert on a sunday. Indeed, if Alena was honest she thought Charline was to blame for the many family dinners which ended in angered silence, as the men knocked back their drinks and Charline tutted under her breath. She’d been secretly elated when Charline had passed on visiting at Christmas. Sometimes it was much easier to appreciate your family from a distance.

She had been doing just that in the diner as she shuffled through her correspondence, beginning with the letter from Benjamin, and working her way to the less appealing envelope addressed from Ms. C. R. York. Scattered beside her were pots of ink and parchment, as well as a steamy cup of tea and a poached egg slopped on top a slice of toast ready to be devoured. A creature of habit, Alena had the same almost every morning. Setting aside a moving picture of the little puppy panting in a green field, her mind swarming with possible names for the cutie she began digging into her breakfast. She was only about half way through when the disturbance occurred.

“Oh my God, I think I’m gonna puke.”Alena’s head swiveled around as she prepared to make herself small if conflict was about to break out. She needn’t have worried, it was only Marley.

She appeared very distressed...something to do with cows? Normally, Alena didn’t like to intrude on people but Marley had always been kind to her and she didn’t like to see her so visibly upset. Tentatively, she abandoned her mail and moved across the room. She stood watching with concern as Marley had some sort of episode, which involved finding yogurt very offensive, before eventually reaching out and gently touching the other girl on the arm, “Marley, what’s wrong?”

  • Omg never again - Marley Chapman, Sat Nov 25 22:17
    Marley didn’t mind the cold much. Not that she didn’t get cold ever, because she totally did and that was why she had a whole half of a dresser drawer filled exclusively with toques and scarves and... more
    • You sure you don’t want a nice egg? - Alena Adler, Wed Nov 29 12:51
      • This is too far gone for eggs! - Marley, Sat Dec 9 00:58
        Putting her yogurt the yogurt that sad hurting cows had been forced to make by some rude company and that she definitely didn’t want anything to do with anymore back into the carton turned out to be... more
        • Agreed. - Alena, Tue Jan 2 12:37
          Marley’s ramblings did little to help her understand the situation and so Alena had become rather distracted by the parakeet. She wondered if Marley would let her stroke it, or better she could teach ... more
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