You are, rather
Wed Nov 29, 2017 15:45

Myfanwy had made it almost to the bottom of her first cup of calming tea when one of the other students in the room approached her. However they didn’t do it in a way that indicated they might be seeking knowledge, or a reasonable discussion, but like somebody who was on a mission of destruction or something. Myffi lowered her teacup in anticipation of an illogical outburst. Her dark, straight hair was already Dutch braided tightly down the back of her head, but she brushed the end of the plait back behind her shoulder, anyway, to minimise distraction from the more important matters at hand.

“Why do you think it's okay to disturb everyone’s breakfast?” The girl demanded. She was familiar as being a girl in seventh year, and Myffi thought she probably knew her name - she’d take a guess at Camilla, because she was sure it was like one of the Royals, but not one of the fashionable ones, and that felt right - but the older student had never been to an AgriClub meeting, she wasn’t in Lyra, she didn’t play in the Quidditch games, and basically Myffi had no idea who she was. Just another person in a crowd who seemed to be labouring under the gross misapprehension that this was the first time Myffi had ever been challenged about her beliefs.

“I’m certain you are disturbing my breakfast a great deal more than I had aimed to disturb yours,” she replied coolly, but without malice, her voice lilted with her Welsh accent. She hadn’t really, truly expected to have much of an effect on anyone, aside from to maybe make them think, to make them more aware, and perhaps to alert the staff that one of the students was prepared to advocate on behalf of their precious planet, but she was definitely open to reactions of any variety. She wondered what it was about her pamphlet that Camilla had found so very offensive. “Why don’t you sit down and we’ll talk about it?” she smiled, and gestured to the empty seat opposite.

  • Ugh! Horrible - Camilla Baird , Wed Nov 29 14:23
    Spring time had arrived and with it the blossoming of new life. The blonde Cetus thought that spring was the second best season after autumn. It opened new possibilities and in this particular case,... more
    • You are, rather - Myfanwy, Wed Nov 29 15:45
      • I’m awesome tyvm! - Camilla , Thu Nov 30 11:59
        No,” was the only word that came out of Camilla’s mouth at MYFFI´s invitation to sit down and talk about it. What even was it? The blonde´s anger rushed through her veins in an irrational way. At the ... more
        • That's your opinion - Myffi, Sat Dec 2 16:11
          “No,” came the instant reply. Myffi raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips. She decided she didn’t especially like probably-Camilla. “You shouldn't shove your beliefs into everyone’s faces when we... more
          • A true statement - Camilla, Sun Dec 10 18:16
            Camilla was right and the author of the pamphlets had been Myffi, and her words echoed around her mind as she uttered them. They made sense, they really did, and Camilla felt a bit bad that she had... more
            • I only speak the truth - Myffi, Mon Dec 11 08:58
              It wasn’t unheard of for people to listen to Myffi and the apologise for their own outbursts, but it wasn’t exactly usual, so when that’s what Camilla did, the apology took the younger girl by... more
              • I prefer my truth - Camilla, Wed Dec 13 16:16
                It was safe to say and assume that Camilla Grace Baird was selfish enough that she didn't care about what Myffi was telling her now. She was glad and relieved that the younger girl had accepted her... more
                • Truth is not subjective - Myffi, Wed Dec 20 09:31
                  At least Camilla was being honest about not wanting to switch to vegetarianism. Myfanwy understood that not everyone shared her beliefs, morals and ideals, and she wasn’t going to force them on... more
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